Five States Set to Vote on Legalizing Cannabis This November

Over the last decade, a growing number of states have legalized cannabis – some for medical use, some for recreational use and some for both. All told, 33 states have made cannabis legal for medical use, with 11 of those also allowing cannabis to be used recreationally. A new report at CNN indicates that the 2020 elections have the potential to make those numbers increase even more. And while it might not be quite as transformative as the 2016 election, there’s still a lot at stake.

Arizona, New Jersey, South Dakota, Montana and Mississippi are the states set to vote on a variety of proposals. Some are strictly focused on the medical aspects of cannabis – notably, Mississippi, where voters will be able to vote for two distinct measures both dealing with medical cannabis.

New Jersey features a ballot measure which would legalize cannabis for recreational use, under the purview of the same agency which manages the medical cannabis program in the state. And voters in South Dakota could vote to greenlight medical cannabis, recreational cannabis or both. (Or, as the case may be, neither.)

As cannabis becomes a larger and larger industry, the potential of more states legalizing it suggest that it could get larger still. And while we’re a long way away from being able to buy legal weed in all 50 states, Election Day could help increase that number substantially. So far, momentum has been broadly on the side of legalizing cannabis, whether for recreational or medical purposes. We’re still a few months away from knowing whether or not 2020 will maintain this momentum.

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