Top 11 weed subscription boxes delivering the goods

weed subscription boxes

There’s a certain thrill to getting something in the mail. Getting a notification that your package has been delivered or receiving a surprise parcel–it’s all exciting. Weed subscription boxes offer people the chance to get mail tailored to their cannabis needs, and the mail won’t just be filled with bills, political mailers, and coupons anymore.

From accessory-only boxes that ship nationwide to state-specific subscriptions serving flower and infused products, here are the top 10 cannabis subscription boxes available now.

Nationwide cannabis subscription boxes

Cannabis subscription boxes that are delivered nationwide will include accessories and essentials with a theme. These generally won’t have any cannabis or CBD inside.

Stoney Babe Boxes

The Stoney Babe Box is curated for weed-loving femmes, featuring delicate devices and other nifty gifties. Each month, the SBB is updated with a new theme. In December, the Naughty List ships out, and November subscribers received the alien-focused Otherworldly box.


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Expect an on-theme smoking piece, essentials like a hemp wick, papers, or stylish lighters, accessories like doob tubes or stash jars, and gadgets like pokers and grinders. Stoney Babe Boxes and kits range from $20 to $35. Individual pieces are also available in the online shop.


This weed subscription box comes highly recommended on Reddit threads. They have a dedicated following that grows with each thematic monthly kit. Hemper is a head shop that bundles a monthly subscription box. This month, subscribers will get the Jolly Box, with a Jolly Pop Bong, flavored tips and glass hitters, a mylar bag, OCB papers, an airtight grinder nug jug, and a quartz banger.

weed subscription boxes
Photo provided by Hemper Photo: GreenState / Canva

Expect a similar combination of items on a theme each month. In October, they celebrated Halloween with a cauldron bubbler and assorted items similar to the above. Hemper makes the thematic weed box available in three sizes ranging in price from $20 for the Mini Box to $150 for the Hemp XL.


Get on a Cannabox plan for a classy, curated box of thematic cannabis accessories and accouterments each month. For December, the Frosty Nugs box could include a Christmas Tree bong, candy cane papers, hemp wraps, a refillable Clipper lighter, a red ashtray, a gingerbread house bong, or a champagne hand pipe to celebrate New Year’s.

The brand has been around since 2012 and has an extensive shop with everything from My Bud Vase to the Puffco suite. Subscriptions start at $34.99.

Daily High Club

Daily High Club themed boxes speak to the crowd still watching South Park, the elder millennials and Gen Xers. It’s also ideal for dabbers as it contains the most dab-focused accessories of the boxes on this list.

The style is bold and silly, with stoner humor baked in. For December, the subscription box features a toking elf pipe, a cup of cocoa banger with a panicked melting gingerbread man, and a slew of other accessories. The box sells for $49.99; past sets like the Turkey Day Touchdown and Mobster Boxes are still on sale but the price is now $100.


The Sensi Box Original doesn’t do the usual themes with the month, but they do curate boxes of cute accessories that look good together. In January, subscribers will receive a kit with a ceramic leaf pipe and cloud nug dish, a rosewood doob tube, and Crop Kings wrap. This box is a good representation of the delicate and aesthetic pieces found in these kits. The Original is $39.99.

Grab the SensiLight Surprise for $24.99 and get a lighter version of the monthly fare, including a pipe and some goodies.

Girly Bud Box

Much like the Stoney Babe Boxes, the Girly Bud Box is for those stoners in touch with their feminine side. Get some red and green accessories this month in a Christmas-themed box. In October Dia De Los Muertos’ inspired sugar skulls took center stage.

The Girly Bud Box features a glass piece, a stash jar, papers, roach clips, and more, starting at $35.

State-specific weed subscription box

Subscription boxes that actually have weed and infused products in them do exist, but they’re only available in isolated state markets. Find a weed subscription box in this list that contains THC, available in California, Michigan, and Nevada.

Lucky Box

Those in California can order the Lucky Box, a box of cannabis products curated from select brands. Lucky Box operates as a delivery dispensary, bringing a specialty selection of flower, edibles, vapes, extracts, drinks, and topicals chosen based on preliminary calls. These boxes can be delivered on the same day or within 24 hours.

weed subscription boxes
Photo provided by Lucky Box

Club Swami

Members-only Club Swami is a subscription box featuring flowers cultivated by the Swami himself. A half-ounce of cured, private reserve pot is packaged in four eighths and delivered to members in California for $160. The box currently features Lemon Sour Diesel, a.k.a. LSD, harvested in October.

Nugg Club

Californians have access to most of the cannabis-inclusive subscription boxes, like Nugg Club, that promise curated premium products at 65 percent of the price you see at dispensaries. Take the quiz, and Nugg Club carefully selects products from the vast exhibition of options on California shelves. Starting at $139, this is a premium option for Golden State ganja lovers.

High Hello

Michigan residents can sign up for one of the six tiers of the High Hello weed subscription box. Meet with a budtender to choose what tier fits a person’s personal consumption preferences and habits. Get strictly flower, or a mixture of various products ranging from $75 to $150.

Wellness grams

Cannaluxxe is offering Holiday Grams this year for those in California and Nevada, and they are a little different than the average subscription box. Some may have sent holiday or Valentine’s candy grams in school, filling out a message on a candy cane to surprise their best friends or crush.

Cannaluxxe is bringing back this thoughtful surprise with Holiday Grams, where friends can nominate their loved ones to receive a token of their affection in the form of a personalized box of fabulous cannabis products.

Greener grass with weed subscription boxes at your mailbox

Having a box of specialty cannabis goodies brought to the mailbox each month is a delightful experience, especially when curated by a company that aligns with your personal style. These kits for weed fit many styles and preferences, it just takes a quick look to find the right vibe.

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