A smokin’ affair: LA’s Loudest Launch Party by Claybourne Cannabis Co.

claybourne cannabis event

Renowned for its premium cannabis offerings, Claybourne Cannabis Co. recently unveiled its latest product, the infused Flyers blunts, at a highly anticipated event in Los Angeles. Dubbed the “Loudest on the Block” Blunt Launch Party, this celebration was about creating an immersive experience for attendees with a night of music, fun, and the unique opportunity to be among the first to try these game-changing new blunts. With attractions such as food, drinks, choppers, and classic cars on display, the party set a new benchmark in cannabis product launches​​​​.

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Blunt talk: Claybourne’s infused Flyers

Rolling onto the stage with some of the loudest terps possible, the new line of infused Flyers blunts from Claybourne is something to really savor and enjoy. With mouth-watering strains like Grape Gasolina, Strawberry Cough, and Lemon Lime Kush, everyone is bound to find the right terpene profile for their taste. Personally, I really enjoyed the Pineapple Express one I smoked, which was easy to light, burned clean, and smoked extremely smoothly.

All Flyers blunts are filled with premium indoor flower infused with terpenes and THCA diamonds in a chamomile, cocoa, and yerba mate wrap. It’s that last part that had me a bit concerned, as traditional blunt wraps are generally made from tobacco pulp, or more normally, in cannabis, they are made from hemp. To my surprise, however, these wraps were extremely nice, with no added flavors in the taste. With open-ended tips, you can see the infused flower nestled into the cone with just a bit of extra wrap to make for easy lighting.

claybourne cannabis event
My infused product selections from Claybourne Cannabis. Photo: Josh Freeman

Loudest on the Block: how product launches should be

I have been to a handful of product launches across the cannabis space and can say that some, well, kind of fizzle out like a poorly wrapped blunt. Not true for Claybourne and the “Loudest on the Block” party, a collaboration done with Hazy, an event production company I have covered previously. Checking in, you were presented with coupons for free tacos, which were plates of three with choices, including pork, beef, and chicken. Alfredo’s fruit cart was also on the scene, offering free fruit cups to keep you going for that next blunt.

Walking inside, there was a booth with all the new blunt varieties on display. After chatting about what your favorite type of cannabis is, the attendant allowed you to pick one to try. I was also blessed with a San Stoney – Patron Saint of Dank candle, a set of Flyers diamond-infused pre-rolls, and a stamped Claybourne cloth. On the other end of the space, a DJ was turning up some funky tunes to keep the crowd grooving while blunt smoke filled the air.

Across the room was the rolling station Claybourne had set up, with Gold Cuts flower offerings in either sativa or indica. After making your selection, a handful of beautiful nugs are placed in your waiting palms, and then you can move down to the rolling tray and grinder they had available for use. As I packed a couple of cones, I couldn’t help but check out the choppers parked next to me and notice how the Flyers brand really pays homage to classic rides.

claybourne cannabis
The Loudest on the Block party was all about cannabis, community, and choppers. Photo: Josh Freeman

When the blunts meet the road

The “Loudest on the Block” launch party was not only a showcase of Claybourne’s newest offering but also a reflection of the brand’s ethos–to create memorable, high-quality cannabis experiences for their community. It’s clear that with the infused Flyers, Claybourne aims to elevate the standard for cannabis blunts, offering consumers a product that stands out not just in terms of quality but also in the overall experience it delivers. To me, these are another impressive entry in an already stellar product lineup and easily one of the top pre-rolled blunts in the game. 

Another launch party is scheduled in Sacramento on March 28th, 2024, so if you are in the area, definitely grab some free tickets here, and experience the next level in premium-crafted blunts by one of California’s leading cannabis brands.

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