Get rid of weed smell with the flick of a Bic

There’s a lot of interest in how to not smell like weed after blazing a joint or having a quick puff off of a one-hitter. Always remember to wash hands after breaking up nugs and packing bowls, and of course, a smoking jacket and hood might keep the smell off of clothes and hair. After taking those precautions, the last step is to get the place smelling good– that’s where smell-removing candles come in.

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Sure, lighting a candle can cover up a smell like incense, but it’s better to remove the smell altogether. There are personal air filters that promise a fresh and clean scent, but those who prefer aromatics to a whirring filter might want to tune in to these candles that get rid of the weed smell. While some brands are dropping candles that smell like weed, these brands are doing the opposite.


Luxury candles are an experience, and 024™ (also called ZeroTwoFour) delivers the total package. Quality keeps these soy and paraffin candles at number one on the list, but that’s not all. The Black woman-owned business has captured three truly delightful signature scents.

get rid of weed smell: three 024 candles on podiums
Photo provided by 024™

ZeroTwoFour candles come in three flavors. Cannatonic with smoked cedarwood, Haitian vetiver, and creamy leather is a favorite, but sweet Forbidden Fruit and spiced Incense & Pepper also delight the senses. The sweet earthiness of vetiver is unmatched by any other scent, earning a gold star from us, but all the smells are subtle and delicious.

The candles attack cannabis smells with patented NeuAir™ technology that claims to target and neutralize tobacco, pet, food, and even weed aromas. It also burns for 35 hours with the proper care. We’re not sure it 100 percent eliminated cannabis and pet odors, but it definitely concealed them underneath. Keep a window open to maximize the technology.

Virgins on Fire Candle Company

Each jar containing a Virgins on Fire candle reads: “This Candle Was Handmade By a Gay Man, Not a Multinational Corporation With a Rainbow Logo 30 Days Out of the Year.” To be honest, we love a truthful but lightly catty callout.

“With a dash of queerness, and a clear-eyed optimism (I went sober the day before launching),  you have a company run by a fired up millennial intent on living on his own terms,” founder Jesse Regis said in an email.


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Virgins on Fire has many 100 percent soy scents available, but a few offer specialty features. Flirty Weed Guy and Green Sunday are both advertised as smoke and pet-odor-eliminating. We tried out the former.

Flirty Weed Guy has a fresh linen scent off the jump. When burned, it keeps its promise to diffuse and remove any weedy remnants from the air. These candles promise to burn 45 to 50 hours, and when you’re done, you’ve got a nug jug to remember it by.


This is a newer brand with weed smell removing candles that only just hit the market. Ukiyohi D’Fuze candles are formulated to diffuse cannabis and smoke scents, which took lots of testing and adjustment. Eventually, it led to changing the entire vessel and wick which led to a chic concrete paired with a crackling wood wick.

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get rid of weed smell: two Ukiyohi candles over orange background
Photos provided by Ukiyohi, edited by GreenState

When put to the test against a hotboxed room, these candles passed. There wasn’t an ounce of cannabis smell left in the space. However, those with smell sensitivity will want to open a window as these emit a strong odor.

There is good and bad to the Ukiyohi candles. On the positive, it’s clear care went into planning the pieces down to being outfitted with a lid that turns a burned candle into a smell-concealing stash box. However, this becomes an issue when the candle burns to the bottom and the paint from the inside bubbles from heat and peels off. Because of this, don’t let it burn too long.

On a lighter note, this is the first iteration from the brand-new company and will hopefully be fixed by the next batch. When asked about the bubbling, founder Dave Schutz was quick to respond.

“This is not an issue we’ve ever seen,” Schutz said. “We are continually testing the efficacy of the scents and vessels. The wood wicks deliver a more direct ‘throw’ which we’re always working to dial in. Some charring of the interior can be expected, under certain use cases.”

By the next iteration it’s probable the issue will be solved, in the meantime, short burns of the Ukiyohi candles are good for stifling the odor left behind from big blunts.


While some other brands may have launched in the last few years, Cannabolish has been selling cannabis-scent-removing candles since the 2010s. The brand has two signature scents: Lavender and Wintergreen, both of which have a minty quality.

Cannabolish candles come in colored glass vessels that make perfect containers after the fact, but before they burn out, they do a great job diffusing pesky smells left behind by thick pot smoke. Those who don’t like the scent of mint will not want to choose this candle, but otherwise, it’s a home run. The brand also has sprays, which serve as a quick way to get the smell off of clothes, hair, or a closed space.


Speaking of sprays, bathroom scent mitigating spray brand Poo-pourri moved into the cannabis space recently with the aptly named Pot-pourri. They also have a candle. One spritz or an hour of burning promises to neutralize weed odors, setting the room back to zero.

That is certainly true, but the baby powder-forward scent it leaves behind may not be for everyone. Pot-pourri lingered in the smoking area for hours after the sesh, making those who lived there feel confused about how different their home smelled. It works, but maybe too well.

Candles to get rid of weed smell

There are many methods to get rid of the smells left behind by thick, pungent weed smoke. One camp may swear by fancy electric air filters, while another might love their makeshift sploof. For the dreamy, ethereal stoners, candles are most likely where it’s at.

These luxurious candles don’t just smell delightful; they promise to remove unwanted aromas–and they all deliver.

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