This brand believes women deserve more from the weed industry

ladylike cannabis brand: Women do yoga against lake backdrop

The cannabis consumer archetypes are more diverse than ever, but some don’t feel that dispensary product selections reflect that. Ladylike hopes to fill one of those gaps with products made by women, for women.

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The brand was founded by Greta Brandt, an entrepreneur who also serves as president of Arizona dispensary The Flower Shop. Brandt recently shared more about the products and how they bring a new perspective to the Southwest.

“Ladylike is tailored to women, both new and experienced with cannabis, as the brand aims to educate on how cannabinoids and the plant can improve daily challenges and longer-term struggles women tend to face more often than men, like insomnia, anxiety, and mental imbalances,” Brandt shared.

Making the Southwest more Ladylike

When Brandt looked at the Arizona market, nothing was designed for her–cannabis was a male-dominated world. Feeling that she wasn’t represented, Brandt set out to take up space and launch a new brand.

Ladylike sells Dart-X vapes, cartridges, gummies, hard candies, and peppermints for medical and recreational use in Arizona and Utah’s medical markets. Each is lower-dosed and emphasizes minor cannabinoids, setting it apart from high-THC-focused brands.

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This product line caters to wellness-focused women and femmes, replacing fads and pharmaceuticals with plant-based solutions. Products are developed with the latest research in mind and hone in on the powers of minor cannabinoids. Each product offers a unique ratio of different compounds to inspire a desired effect.

“Beyond the formulations, our products are discreet and functional so they can be worked into any lifestyle, and not just used as an end-of-day tool to go to sleep,” Brandt said.

More wellness options for women

The brand considered consumer experience as well as efficacy when designing products. The flower-shaped gummy is five mg and has five individually scored petals, making it exceptional for microdosing.

Daily consumers may opt for the Peppermints, which contain two mg of THC and CBD, ideal for maintaining optimal functionality. The products are ideal for someone looking to work functional products into their daily routine.

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Ladylike hopes its products can tackle wellness and recreation. People consume alcohol to relax in social settings, and Brandt wants women to feel safe using a gummy or cartridge in the same way. On the flip, Ladylike caters to issues specific to the sex, like complex hormone cycles, insomnia, and daily stress.

“Instead of relying on pharmaceuticals to combat these issues, Ladylike aims to allow women to take control of their wellness in a holistic way that is safer, healthier, and more balanced between body and mind. The goal is to stay well both mentally and physically for the long term,” Brandt concluded.

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