Fast Five Q&A: Michael Mejer, Founder of Green Lane Communication

fast five qa michael mejer

When building a brand, storytelling is a powerful tool. It shows potential customers who you are, what you stand for, and why they should engage. While understanding how to effectively share these messages can be confusing, there are those whose mission it is to guide and uplift.

Michael Mejer is one of these people. As the founder of Green Lane Communication, Mejer helps to connect cannabis companies with engaging, forward-facing opportunities that increase visibility and awareness. His podcast, A Mejer Journey, showcases stories from some of the industry’s biggest names, immersing listeners in the roller coaster ride that is cannabis.

Mejer answered GreenState’s Fast Five questions, offering tips for companies seeking to reach new audiences, ways to get attention from the press, and what inspired his cannabis journey.

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GreenState: How did your journey in cannabis begin?

Michael Mejer: Several years ago, before adult-use passed in New York, I decided to swing by a hemp-wellness store, struck up a conversation with the owner, and ended up learning way more about the endocannabinoid system, terpenes, differences in onset times, and so much more than I even intended on learning. 

A few minutes passed by, and while at the shop, an older gentleman walked in. Suffering from debilitating tremors and lacking the ability to even speak and formulate sentences, he and his wife were at their wit’s end with prescribed pharmaceuticals that did nothing to improve his quality of life. 

His wife went on to ask the owner if there was anything here he could try as a last resort. Minutes after giving a tincture a try,  his tremors subsided so much so he was able to speak again. The first words to come out of his mouth were, “I need the biggest bottle of whatever shit it was you just gave me!” 

It was at that very moment my cannabis journey began. I realized I wanted to help spotlight the brands, businesses, and individuals who were making this level of impact on people who needed it most.  

GS: What is your favorite way to consume?

MM: I’m a huge fan of beverages. The innovation in this category and seeing how it’s developed over the years is fascinating to me. I’m not affiliated with them in any way, but Crescent 9 Seltzers are phenomenal. Naturally flavored with mango puree, pour one over ice, on a hot summer day, it can’t get much better than that! 

GS: What are some creative ways companies can share their brand story with the world?

MM: Documentary-style video is a powerful way to storytell. Earlier this year, Paragraphic released a fantastic documentary-style short film, A High Price to Pay: The Business of Cannabis, exploring the current state of the cannabis industry and the economics behind the plant. Featured are a handful of cannabis brand leaders who are incredibly passionate and purposeful about what they do, how they do it, and why they do it. 

Sometimes it’s tough to convey those elements of a brand story through written medium alone. Whenever brands have the opportunity to participate in projects like this, I always say go for it! 

Podcasting is another fantastic way of conveying a brand’s story among its community. Humans are storytelling creatures. We gravitate towards authentic conversations and stories. Think about it, as kids, we don’t want to be read boring, tone-deaf press releases before bed. We want to be told stories. The same goes for what media outlets want to pick up and share with their readers. 

GS: Beyond pitching, what are some ways to get attention from the press?

MM: Social media is a great way to stay top-of-mind with the press without necessarily pitching them directly. Building a personal brand, cultivating community, being omni-present both in-person and online: these are all tactics that take time. Done well, they can all serve as a springboard to catching the attention of a reporter or journalist. 

I’d also like to say, there’s only so far that “fluff” will take you. More often than not, it’s the impact you make that creates a reputation and attracts attention, not some fluffy motivational quote that’s posted every day that someone found on Google. 

GS: You’ve had so many amazing and thought-provoking conversations on your podcast. Do you have any favorite memories or guests?

MM: I appreciate the kind words! One of my favorite ah-ha moments from doing the show is when I realized that no matter how successful a guest was, their story always revealed that they were and still are simply figuring it out as they go. That in-and-of-itself brings me a lot of peace and comfort. 

With an extensive background spanning over a decade in publicity, marketing, and sales, Michael Mejer has emerged as a seasoned professional adept at forging connections between leaders in the cannabis sector and invaluable media and press prospects. As the driving force behind Green Lane Communication, Mejer’s specialized PR agency in the cannabis realm, he skillfully orchestrates opportunities that link industry trailblazers with earned media exposure and press engagements. This strategic approach empowers these leaders to not only enhance brand recognition but also foster trust and establish unwavering credibility.

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