These custom weed pens offer the latest in stoner style

custom weed pens: two friends share a weed pen

The cannabis plant is a great connector. People from different walks of life with contrasting styles often have cannabis in common. Weed accessory brands have taken notice, providing endless styles of grinders, rolling trays, bongs, novelty lighters, and, of course, custom weed pens.

As the market grows, vape pens and batteries grow with it. The technology advances, but the style moves more quickly. These vape accessories have unique features, colorways, and other customizable settings that exceed the standard.

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Custom weed pens: PAX customized by MyPAX on stone over smokey backdrop.
Photo provided by PAX, edited by GreenState

PAX is a longstanding leader in the portable dry herb vape world. Since the original model was released, the line has grown to include handheld vaporizers and vape pens for PAX-specific cartridges the brand calls Pods. Last year, the company launched MyPAX, a unique customization platform entirely unique to the market.

“Cannabis consumption is highly personal and a form of self-expression for many, so we’re thrilled to be launching a platform for creativity so that consumers everywhere can experience the magic of personalization and how it reflects their cannabis identities,” PAX VP of marketing, Luke Droulez said in a press release.

Users can choose from templates like palm trees and cosmic scapes or create a design using text and graphics from the expansive online selection. The service costs an extra $20 and is available on the website by selecting “Personalize” when buying a PAX PLUS or MINI.

dialed HIGH-LIGHTER Universal Vape Battery

Go stealth in style using the dialed HIGH-LIGHTER Universal Vape Battery. This vape pen takes that last part literally. It looks like a marker down to the cap with a clip that slides over a pocket. The accessory is available in bright green, robin egg blue, orange, and black. The look is cool, but this battery only auto-draws at 3.6 volts, so those seeking varied intensity with their hits must look elsewhere.

O.pen Mushroom Garden

Custom weed pens: O.pen battery with mushrooms and fan leaves
Photo provided by O.pen, edited by GreenState

The O.pen 2.0 Variable Voltage battery works with 510-threaded vape cartridges and comes in myriad colors. There are a few pens designed by Edie Parker, a Vermont-themed pen featuring leaves, and most recently, the Mushroom Garden colorway.

Mushroom Garden is a limited edition piece released to celebrate 4/20. The sleek device is dark brown with sporadically patterned cannabis fan leaves and various mushroom strains. As an extra high holiday special, those who order a Mushroom Garden pen will also get a pack of Alchemy CBD + Reishi mushroom gummies while supplies last.

EVRI 3-in-1 Dab and Vape

Custom weed pens: EVRI 3-in-1 in orange over smokey backdrop
Photo provided by EVRI, edited by GreenState

Dab or vape with the EVRI 3-in-1 by Dip Devices, a cannabis accessory brand that gives back. This piece is versatile thanks to evolving attachments like the vapor tip for quick dabs, input for 510-threaded cartridges, and another for flower.

The EVRI comes in five colors that express more than personal preference, each correlating to a cause. One percent of all EVRI purchases go to the Marijuana Policy Project, and another one percent go to a color-coated movement.

Choose black to support racial justice, red for blood donation activism, blue to donate to marine conservation, reforestation concerns are connected to green, and orange vapes alleviate food insecurity. The EVRI 3-in-1 lets buyers customize more than just the color; they also choose where some of their dollars go.

Timeless x Valentina Vargas

Custom weed pens by Timeless and artist Valentina Vargas
Photo provided by Timeless, edited by GreenState

The Timeless Flip Case Combos are an inventive way to store a custom weed pen, and customized combos and artist collabs make them even better. Timeless most recently dropped a collaboration with California artist Valentina Vargas.

The Timeless x Valentina Vargas case features a hand-drawn skull design as a part of the brand’s Artist Legacy series. This series also featured collaborations with artists Apexer and Tatiana Suarez. This latest combo from Valentina Vargas is available as a collection with limited edition Moleskine notebooks, a pen set, a legacy pin, stickers, and a flip case with a matching vape battery (of course).

Lovers of weed are no longer stuck choosing from a few options because legalization has opened up creative commerce in the space. Vape batteries come in many shapes and sizes with a variety of functions. Choosing the right one comes down to individual preference and personal style. Between these five options, almost everyone will find a piece to suit their fancy.

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