Learn from a stoner with cannabis etiquette for beginners

stoner etiquette

There’s no need to hide it: weed is in. Smoking bongs, passing joints, and munching on edibles has become a mainstream adult activity–but do you know the stoner etiquette? After years of jumping from faux pas to faux pas and figuring it out, I’ve learned the ways. Let me share them with you.

These are the most essential basics for the weed sesh from a semi-elder ent.

#1 It’s not a microphone

If someone does you the honor of sharing some weed, don’t hold it like a grand wizard staff while you tell a long-winded story. It’s ok to get stoned and go on a tangent, but when it’s time to puff, remember to pass first.

#2 Never pocket the lighter

Check every pocket before leaving the sesh space. It’s often an innocent mistake to swoop someone’s lighter, so do a double-take and look before you leave. There’s no need to take the torch home with you, it might be the only one in the house.

Be a good seshmate and make sure you leave the lighter behind.

#3 Have water available

Sure, many people have a Stanley, Hydroflask, Yeti, or some other trending water vessel to carry around, but if you’re hosting, have a glass or a bottle on hand.

Just a visitor? Ask for a glass. Weed doesn’t only cause dry mouth, the high makes it hard for me to speak up sometimes. It’s worth it to have hydration on hand before getting lifted.

#4 Mind your neighbor

Before lighting a blunt or firing up the Volcano, consider your neighbors. If you live in an apartment or townhouse, the cannabis scent or smoke could go into the shared unit. You may share a wall with a kid’s room, someone immune-compromised, or a neighbor who hates the smell of weed. This also goes for those who consume in backyards with shared fences.

There are scent-hiding tactics to get rid of the weed smell for those with neighbors who can’t stand the funk. Cannabis scent-hiding candles, air purifiers, and personal devices that help control the aroma. Be considerate and find ways that both parties might be appeased. No need to start neighborly wars over weed smoke.

#5 Keep spit to yourself

There is no greater shame than spitting on a shared cannabis joint, blunt, spliff, or anything in between. Keep spit to yourself. Period. If this isn’t manageable, bring your own and smoke it as others pass the J, or grab a Moose Labs MouthPeace to keep your moisture to yourself. there’s no need to be sharing spit with unwilling parties in 2024.

#6 Only offer clean glass

Let’s be real, I’ve fallen guilty to this offense many times. I do not keep my glass as clean as it should be. However, it’s a good rule of etiquette not to have people over to consume cannabis out of resin-crusted bongs and reclaim-ridden rigs. Rule of stoner etiquette: clean glass only for guests.

#7 No peer pressure

Be kind and let people find their tolerance in a safe, comfortable setting. The days of serving newcomers gram dabs and laughing while they cough are long behind us. Now, we explain milligrams and effects, serve up small doses, and let people guide their own high.
Don’t peer pressure, it’s not chill.

#8 Ask before clearing

A first-year college student who was new to cannabis once got a bong handed to her and cleared it without asking, but apparently, it was packed for the whole circle. Don’t be like me, um, I mean her.

Whether you’re unsure or not, ask if the bowl is for the group before facing the entire rip. That’s the best way not to take more than you’re offered and to not accidentally smoke way too much at once.

#9 Remember to match

Those who are new to weed might not understand the principles of matching, especially since not all stoners spell it out for them. Don’t continue accepting hits of things and packed bowls at a friend’s house without bringing something over in return.

Whether it’s an unspoken agreement that you order food, surprise them with their favorite cannabis products, or simply match on bud–be sure the partnership is going both ways.

#10 Ash, then pass

When passing something rolled around the group, remember to ash it before passing. Letting ash fall on someone or the furniture while passing is a faux pas. Be a responsible seshmate and ash, then pass.

These are the points of stoner etiquette that I have learned in my many years of sparking blunts and lighting bowls. There’s no need to learn the hard way like me—just follow these tips and walk into your first sesh ready to rip.

Cara Wietstock  is Senior Content Producer of GreenState.com and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.