Top-shelf cannabis dispensaries in Clark County, Illinois

cannabis dispensaries in Clark County Illinois

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From beautiful Mill Creek Lake to Casey, home of the world’s largest pitchfork, yardstick, pencil, rocking chair, and mailbox, Clark County, IL has something for everybody – not excluding cannabis aficionados. Ever since Illinois legalized the purchase, possession, and use of recreational marijuana in 2020, dispensaries have sprouted up across the state. 

Two cannabis dispensaries in Clark County, Illinois are especially worth your time, with their teams of highly-trained budtenders, a dazzling array of cannabis products and paraphernalia, and commitments to educating Illinoisans about the ins and outs of recreational cannabis. If you’re looking for relief from the pain of an injury or ailment, or you’re just looking to enrich your downtime, you’ll find the perfect dispensary in Clark County with our guide.

This review was crafted using rigorously researched third-party data. We don’t rely on how dispensaries describe themselves; our curators independently compiled this list according to a set of strict criteria. All the listings in this guide are licensed to sell recreational cannabis in the state of Illinois; they have top online ratings, employ highly qualified budtenders, and are driving distance from the heart of Clark County.


Thrive Casey

Thrive’s network of Illinois storefronts finds its crown jewel in the Casey location. Conveniently located off the intersection of Highway 40 and Route 49, Thrive Casey employs a staff of highly-trained budtenders who are passionate about all things cannabis. Stop in for a one-on-one consultation with one of Thrive’s local experts whenever it’s convenient for you. 

The market for cannabinoid products has exploded in recent years, and Thrive can help you navigate what products are best suited to your needs, from flower and pre-rolls to vaporizers and concentrates.

Thrive has built a loyal customer base through its loyalty program, which offers discounts to teachers, seniors, veterans, nurses, and college students. There are daily deals, birthday discounts, and special offers for IL medical card holders. 

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912 IL-49, Casey, IL 62420

RISE Dispensaries

RISE is one of the fastest-growing cannabis dispensary chains in the country, with dispensaries serving communities in 14 states. The locations in Charleston and Effingham, IL, have become indispensable local staples by going above and beyond the services your average dispensary provides. You can browse hundreds of cannabis products and paraphernalia online or in-store, from vape cartridge refills to transdermal CBD lotion. The company’s processing and cultivation facility operations are top-notch.

RISE’s Charleston and Effingham, IL, locations can also help you apply for and renew your Illinois medical card. They offer free medical consultations with the Patient Care Team on-site and online, and they’ve made a bundle of cannabis-related resources freely accessible on their website. Visit their website to browse RISE’s marijuana legalization map, download state-by-state patient guides, and even try out some scrumptious cannabis-infused food and mocktail recipes.

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909 Lincoln Ave., Charleston, IL 61920

1011 Ford Ave. Suite C, Effingham, IL 62401

Cannabis dispensaries in Clark County, Illinois FAQ

Where is the closest cannabis dispensary to Casey, IL?

Thrive Dispensary in Casey is the only licensed cannabis dispensary in Casey, Illinois. Thrive operates licensed dispensaries in five Illinois counties, and the Casey location is stocked with a wide assortment of cannabis products, merchandise, and paraphernalia. For the “cannabinewbie” and the old vet alike, Thrive carries something to whet the appetite. Other options for Casey locals include RISE, which operates two dispensaries under a 30-minute drive from Casey in Charleston and Effingham, IL.

Can I legally buy recreational cannabis in Illinois?

The purchase, possession, and use of recreational cannabis became legal on January 1, 2020, in the state of Illinois. The Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act lays out six regulations to ensure the safe and fair sale of cannabis to purchasers, including that the purchaser show proof of age before purchase, that the selling, distributing, and transferring of cannabis to minors remains illegal, that driving under the influence of cannabis remains illegal, that “legitimate, taxpaying business people” conduct the sale of cannabis and not criminal actors, and more. If you’re in the market for cannabis in Illinois, you must be over 21 years of age and provide identification to prove it.

Can I order cannabis delivery in Clark County, IL?

The only licensed dispensary in Clark County, IL is Thrive Casey, and it does not offer delivery services. If you order cannabis products from Thrive Casey, it must be during business hours, and you must pick up your purchase the same day you order it. 

When you order from either RISE Charleston or RISE Effingham, just outside of Clark County limits, you will be prompted with a form asking you to input your desired pickup time. You’re able to leave a note to the staff detailing any special instructions for pick-up or the preparation of the order.

What is the cost of pre-rolls in Casey, IL?

The cost of pre-rolls in Casey, IL, will depend upon two main factors: the size, dosage, and brand of pre-roll, and the dispensary from which you’re purchasing the pre-roll. Costs vary between the two main dispensaries in the Casey area, Thrive Casey and RISE, which operates storefronts in Charleston and Effingham. RISE’s inventory counts 457 varieties of pre-roll alone. From Dogwalkers’ indica-infused pre-rolls in a pack of 12 to Aeriz’s aeroponic cannabis pre-rolls, which come in sleek packs of two, prices vary greatly according to preference.

How do I know if a cannabis product is reliable and regulated?

Always ensure that you’re purchasing cannabis from a licensed dispensary. If you’re considering visiting a new dispensary, the Illinois Cannabis Control Office operates a digital database that allows you to search for business licenses. The FDA maintains an archive of reports pertaining to cannabis and cannabis-derived products, from companies caught illegally selling products to public health notices concerning certain cannabinoid products. The organization Let’s Talk Cannabis has also put together a trove of helpful explainers of what’s legal, what’s trustworthy, and what’s not regarding cannabis in Illinois.

Can I travel with recreational cannabis in IL?

The rules around traveling with cannabis are tricky in Illinois because state law doesn’t always neatly map onto federal law. Illinois officials have cautioned residents to be careful traveling with cannabis products, even though the purchase, possession, and use of recreational cannabis became legal in the state on January 1, 2020. This is because travel across state lines with cannabis is illegal, regardless of whether you are traveling from one state where weed is legal to another. 

While it remains illegal to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of cannabis where THC levels exceed 5 nanograms in blood, you may travel within state lines with sealed and unused cannabis products. But ensure that you are of legal age to possess cannabis, that you are the individual who purchased the cannabis, and that the amount you’re in possession of is within the legal limit.