Essential cannabis tarot decks to conjure the high spirit

cannabis tarot decks

The cannabis plant has a place in ancient history, from Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners to Curanderas to European folk magic. The latter has been celebrated more recently through the introduction of tarot decks that cater to the cannabis lover.

Everyone interested in this divination method has particular preferences when seeking a deck. Some like the esoteric tarot decks that all consist of 78 cards altogether. The major arcana consists of 22 archetype cards, and the minor arcana splits the rest into four suits using numbers and royalty like a deck of playing cards. There are also oracle cards, which are more freely created and call solely on the reader’s intuition rather than relying on structure from the major and minor arcana.

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Cannabis tarot cards come in both options. There are decks that change suits from the usual cups, wands, swords, and pentacles to weed themes and oracle decks that feature pot-oriented art on each card. Deciding on a deck takes the same skill as reading someone’s cards. It all comes down to intuition. See the future through the smoke with these weed tarot decks..

The Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle Deck

By Maggie Wilson, illustrated by Ejiwa Ebenebe

Cannabis sommelier Maggie Wilson imagined this deck to help cannabis practitioners connect with their intuition. The art is gentle and inviting but powerful, and the deck encourages self-reflection and growth.

The Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle deck is beloved by many cannabis connoisseurs but is a good fit for anyone interested in exploring an oracle deck that centers on plant-medicine.

Pot Tarot

By Peggie White

Pastel color palettes, kawaii graphics, and cannabis culture are prominent in Pot Tarot. This classic tarot deck changes the minor arcana suits for joints, bongs, pipes, and buds. The deck includes a guidebook that provides sample spreads and explanations for each card. A lover of cute bongs and femme colors will enjoy working with the weed deck.

Cannabis Goddess Oracle

This oracle deck features 22 goddesses to represent the major arcana. All cultures are represented in the beautiful artistic renderings of goddesses that relate to these archetypes of the human path. The deck provides two ways to read with the cards.

Picking two cards, with one in each hand, can provide guidance into a specific grievance or pain point. A spread of three cards can be applied to decisions. Those who align with feminine energy may be delighted with the Cannabis Goddess Oracle.

Cannabis Oracle Tarot

The Cannabis Oracle Tarot highlights the plant with high-res nug photography of different strains on each of the 22 major arcana cards. Less ethereal and more straightforward than the other decks, this is one that speaks directly to the cannabis connoisseur.

Blue Dream is The Magician, Strawberry Cough is The Empress, and Granddaddy Purple is The High Priestess. Read into the genetics of the plant and the situation with each card in this cannabis-themed tarot deck.

Green Dream Tarot Deck

This deck comes as a collaboration between cannabis lifestyle shop Allume and tarot brand Soul Cards. Green Dream is a luxe deck with fan leaf-printed matte cards. The symbols on each card shine with gold foil.

The brand provides an e-book rather than a printed booklet with insight into each card and a sample spread.

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Four Twenty Tarot

By Julianna W. Rose

Four Twenty Tarot features creepy cool drawings all complete with bright green fan leaves and magenta poppies. Read the fold-out guide to get details on each card in this classic 78-card deck.
This deck comes with a Tarot Fairy Gnome, which gives that supple energy to pull the right card every time. Cannabis-friendly beginners will find this deck easy to work with, and advanced readers will enjoy the quirky, engaging art.

Reading tarot cards may reveal new perspectives and provide guidance. Cannabis tarot decks add the plant into the mix, inspiring the reader to explore how consuming the plant could play a role in divination rituals. These are some of the best pot decks available; each features unique art and insight from the creator that adds to the energy of the cards. Whether it’s someone’s tarot deck or an addition to the collection, cannabis could be in the

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