Super Glue strain: cannabis to make the mellow mood stick

super glue strain

Much of the cannabis community currently stands enraptured with fruity weed like Whitethorn Rose, not classics like the Super Glue strain. However, much like the world of fashion, cannabis sometimes operates on a cycle.

What was once en vogue may become unwanted, only to return to shelves again 20 years later. Take the mid-2010s as an example: Glue was having a real moment. You might be as surprised as I was to find out Super Glue isn’t a part of the GG #4 lineages at all.

Super Glue strain
Photo de Secret Boyz en | CC BY-NC-SA

Super Glue genetic parents and history

Super Glue was created by Seedism Seeds, a Dutch seed bank founded by three well-established cannabis breeders. The usual online cannabis sources list two different Super Glue parents, also called Superglue or Tacky Glue. But all roads lead back to Northern Lights.

Leafly says that Super Glue crosses Northern Lights and Afghani, but others list the second plant as Skunk #1. After reaching out to Seedism cofounder Amsterdammer, GreenState learned that the variety is Northern Lights crossed with an Afghani-dominant Skunk #1 that they refer to as The Pure.

Afghani, Skunk, Northern Lights–the combination creates one of the more even hybrids we’ve come across in our days reviewing cannabis strains. Let’s break it down.

super glue strain
Photo by Secret Boyz at | CC BY-NC-SA

Super Glue strain smells and looks

Super Glue cannabis flowers are light green with a bright lime scent to match. The flower is medium dense, though this may be due to the gram-sized sample we purchased from Herba for the review. Larger dense nuggets are often saved for eighth jars and above. Still, even the little gram buds have some girth to them.

The aromatics are exceptional, with biting lime that evolves into a loamy sandalwood. As for the look, this Super Glue strain batch features a fern-green shade with light orange tufts of pistils throughout. It is an impressive-looking bud with masses of trichomes– and effects worth jotting down.

Effects of Super Glue cannabis strain

The effects of Super Glue are that of a quintessential even hybrid. For me, many even hybrids feel neutral. I don’t get heavy and relaxed like from a Black Diamond strain, nor do I feel ready to clean my kitchen like with Durban Poison. Super Glue is a slow-creeping variety that offers the ideal mix of indica and sativa to set a consistent tone for the next few hours.

When ripped from my Yew Yew mini bong, Super Glue initially settles in the back of my head before seeping into my chest and shoulders, eventually reaching the tips of my toes with a little body buzz.

There is a relaxation, but it isn’t stoney like a couch-locking indica strain–instead, there’s a very present mind. As the effects settled in, I set out with a mellow headspace as little crunchy points of tension melted away. In the next few hours, I feel a little bit spacey. However, I’m not too out of my head to accomplish tasks and work down a to-do list.

Super Glue for a super you

This strain offers what someone seeking an even hybrid desires–a little chill but not overly intoxicating. The world of weed genetics is complicated, featuring strains with long histories and lengthy family trees. Stumbling upon a cross like Super Glue whets the cannabis purist’s appetite, at least it did for me.

Not only is it novel to find a strain that isn’t a fruity dessert, but it’s also a treat to find old-school parents like Northern Lights and Skunk #1 (with Afghani flare). The OGs were in on this one, and it delivered on their behalf.

Super Glue is a cannabis strain for a hybrid lover, a person who doesn’t want to get too messed up but wants some body effect, and nostalgic stoners like me who love to revisit the past.

Cara Wietstock is senior content producer of and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.