Weed wallpaper fit to adorn your home

Weed wallpaper - decorated kitchen with wallpaper

People show their love for the plant in public in tons of ways. Wearing merch from a favorite cannabis brand is one solid option. Some include weed accessories into their home’s interior design, displaying heady glass art or other handmade pieces similar to how people decorate with crystal liquor decanters.

Heck, many people even update their phone screen to weed wallpaper (photographers like Things From Stein Farm will often share his original photography to stories for this purpose if you’re looking for one). So if people decorate their homes with bongs and rep the plant on their lock screen–why not combine the two. Yeah, actual wallpaper, like, for your walls.

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Turns out this isn’t the first time someone has thought about it because there are some stunning weed wallpaper prints available. Let us show you some of our favorites.

The Classic

Evoke the quintessential fan leaf with a pattern of green cannabis leaves from Wallpaper Planet. The Etsy seller makes this print in textured, self-adhesive, and non-woven options in various dimensions. Reviewers of the seller note the quality of the paper and the easy-to-use nature of the product– though none have explicitly reviewed the cannabis print. This classic print would make a fun statement wall in a game room or renovated garage.

Endless Weed Wallpaper Options

The Wallshoppe has a cannabis print available in 18 colorways. Go classic with greens or cute with pink–this cannabis wallpaper is customizable. It features fan leaves with budding flowers layered on one another in a vertical formation. The spacing is perfect so as not to feel too busy. This would be a cute playroom, bathroom, or entryway addition.


Sure, every print of cannabis leaf is technically botanical, but this option from Brett Design by Brett Beldock is in the style of classic botanical drawings. The repeating pattern of fan leaves growing on a stem against a white background is named Botanical Ganja.

The delicate botanical illustrations bring an air of sophistication to what is clearly a cannabis plant. It would look divine above the wainscoting in a dining room or add a bit of fun to a bathroom.


Deconstruct a botanical image just a little, removing the structure of the drawing, and you have Botanical Weed Wallpaper from astek home. The print includes more imagery from the plant’s life cycle than the previous botanical option. Fan leaves, seeds, and flowers are depicted with an almost watercolor effect in two different colorways.

The white background with layered repent plants is demure, while the “psychedelic” colorway features a black background with the plant in the red, purple, green, and orange hues she grows in. With two colorways to choose from, the options for this weed wallpaper feel endless.

Weed wallpaper - vector image of cannabis leaves

The Realistic Weed Wallpaper

Cannabis colas and fan leaves adorn this wallpaper in maximalist fashion. Like, they’re huge. Displaying the plant in this size brings grandiose energy to a space, and that’s only deepened by the black background. The silver and black wallpaper can be the focus with neutral tones in an industrial space or accented with a bright pop of color–it’s a versatile print with lots of potential. Get it in multiple sizes in peel-and-stick or textured vinyl.

Lots of Details

This option is technically a mural. The brand takes measurements and sends a sticker print fit to the space, and it features a delightful array of cannabis-friendly imagery. A drawing of the plant, the molecular structure, and other vintage imagery associated with the plant is displayed in this busy but palatable cannabis wallpaper.

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Including this in home decor would take a skilled designer, but this option would fit perfectly in any dispensary, cannabis office, or processing facility.

Chill Vibes


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A post shared by Angela Naomi ❀ Print & Pattern Designer (@angelanaomidesign)

With a stone-gray background with repeating thin-lined black fan leaves, this wallpaper is striking but fitting for a chill space. The weed wallpaper was designed by Angela Naomi, who has penned prints with mushrooms, moths, and other botanical fare. Her work is whimsical realism, bringing a sense of old-world fairy tales to straightforward imagery.

This Millennial gray wallpaper is done beautifully and could complement a bedroom or home office. If that’s not your style, the artist has multiple colorways available.

Weed wallpaper isn’t just for your phone, it’s for your house too. Wearing the plant is just one way to show your love and wallpaper is another. Though more permanent than a hat, this adornment can be a stunning feature in any room.

Cara Wietstock is Senior Content Producer of GreenState.com and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.