All weed everything: these cannabis-scented candles bring the heat

cannabis-scented candles

Generations of cannabis consumers have found ways to cover the dank smell. Nag champa incense is a classic tell that someone’s been puffing, and others may reach for a scented candle. As states legalize the plant, more people are leaning into the aroma, so much so that multiple candles actually smell like weed.

With so much interest in smell-removing technology, one may question why a cannabis-scented candle exists. However, that is the precise thinking that pushed Colorado-based Dio Candle Company to craft their Kind Buds candle and melts.

Natasha Diodata, resident scent wiz and owner of Dio told GreenState why she added a cannabis-scented candle to the line.

“We are honored to feature a cannabis scent in our shop, for not only personal enjoyment but to really pay homage to our candle company’s origins in Colorado,” Diodata shared. “I think there has been too long a stigma around cannabis and its vilification through the years, and a candle helps break down those boundaries by making it more of an acceptable household item.”

The stigma persists in some places, but a candle is a comfy trojan horse to more conversations about the plant. Here are the best candles that smell like weed.

Kind Buds candle & melts

Dio Candle Company

Kind Buds is a vegan soy candle in a basic clear recyclable jar. The wax is also available in melts that come in a plastic shell. Dio Candle Company designed the candle and wax melts to evoke feelings of danker days–without the blunts.

The name comes from one of Diodata’s favorite series.

“We watch The Office… A LOT,” she said. “There is a scene where Jim and Pam are going through marriage counseling, and there is an intern that overheard one of their ‘work throughs’ about speaking their truth. The intern says he would like to speak his truth, which would be to appreciate the sacrifice of some hits off their kind buds.”

This cannabis candle option starts with a bright key lime with rich cocoa before settling into the scent of cannabis flower, carrot greens, and fresh soil. Expect a sweet patchouli musk to settle into the space for a while.

Kush candle

Boy Smells

This all-natural candle uses coconut and beeswax and offers a layer of aroma. Grab the sleek black tumbler, light the braided cotton wick, and prepare to be engulfed in an herbaceous blend.

The Kush Candle promises top notes of cannabis and tangy lemon-zested rhubarb. This spark is carried by a floral, herbed scent rich in eucalyptus and tulip. Essences of white musk and cedarwood remain hours after burning. The candle doesn’t contain any cannabinoids, just the aroma of the plant.

Chronic Candle collection

Blaze It

The Chronic Candle Collection features three strain-based scents: Lilac Diesel, OG Kush, and Pomegranate Punch. Though they don’t contain cannabis, these candles smell true to the flower.

Lilac Diesel brings that familiar white musk floral scent. OG Kush brings precisely what the name implies: dank spiced fir. As for Pomegranate Punch, expect a berry explosion. The trio is available as an affordable set, but Blaze It sells soy candles in tons of strain scents.

Scent of Marihuana candle


This is a luxury vegetable wax candle in a unique glazed terra cotta earthenware vessel made in Spain. The gorgeous container should be kept to house a beloved plant or precious trinkets.

The Scent of Marihuana candle highlights the fresh, natural, pure scent of cannabis sativa. Loewe candles are known for centering herbaceous aromas like the popular Tomato Leaf or sweet, loamy Beetroot.

Cannabis & Collab Candles

Malin + Goetz

Chic brand Malin + Goetz crafts two cannabis-scented candles. The first is the original Cannabis Candle, an olive green wax in a stylish tumbler printed with hip branding. Like others on the list, this candle hopes to evoke nostalgia and is ideal for laying on the rug and listening to records or kicking back with some stoney adult cartoons.

The cannabis x brain dead collaboration candles offer a “four-dimensional scent for the body & mind.” It is made with vegetable wax and may have the same aromatic blend as the original Cannabis Candle but with an artistic tumbler. The harlequin green sits behind a white psychedelic graphic.

Pick the tumbler that matches the interior design in the sesh room, and enjoy a layered aroma that leaves behind a comforting, earthen scent.

Four Twenty candle


The Homesick cannabis-scented candle is for the crowd who loves luscious, woodsy scents. The Four Twenty Candle uses soy wax with a cotton wick in a glass tumbler.

The top note delivers cannabis and bergamot, evolving into sweet cedarwood with striking patchouli. The rest of the day will carry notes of musky sandalwood.

Homesick candles are known for their series of candles that smell like a specific state or city, and this does the same. The Four Twenty Candle may bring the people in the room back to a favorite sesh of the past.

Cannabis Vetiver

Edgewater candles

Soft tones of cannabis flower complement vetiver are front and center in this weed candle. Vetiver gives off the aromatics of the forest after a rainstorm, which pairs nicely with the botanical scent of cannabis flowers.

The soy candles are hand-poured into glass jars, but the scent is also available in travel-size tins. Cannabis Vetiver is vegan, cruelty-free, and capitalizes on the stunning smell of weed without the THC.

Best instructions for candle care

Do you think making a candle last just means lighting it and blowing it out? Think again. Candles need to be burned for a certain amount of time, maintained, and more.

A candle should burn for at least an hour until the wax has melted evenly across the top. Not burning candles long enough leads to “tunneling,” which shortens its life. It’s optimal to burn a candle for three to four hours.

Wicks should be about a quarter-inch long. Trim them if they are longer. As the wick burns off, it may leave debris in the wax. Use tweezers to pluck this out of the candle because it could cause a flashover when the entire candle catches fire. Avoid this by gently wiping debris from a completely cooled wax surface, and plucking wick cast-offs as necessary.

Light and temperature fluctuations can age a candle, so keep it in a cool, dry place. When it’s burned down to about a quarter inch from the bottom of the container, it’s time to retire the torch. Many like to save their candle tumblers and votives. Use a mug warmer to melt the wax out, or place the vessel in the freezer. Wax may shrink in the freezer, making it easier to remove from a candle container.

Follow these instructions and get the most out of whichever luxurious cannabis candle from this list strikes your fancy. Lighting a candle can bring a mellow mood, and so can lighting a joint. Why not combine the two in a cannabis-scented candle that’s bound to spark a conversation.

Cara Wietstock is senior content producer of and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.