Gigi Hadid caught with cannabis in the Caymans

Gigi Hadid getting in a car

Model and “it-girl” Gigi Hadid was arrested recently upon landing in the Cayman Islands for having a little “zaza” and accessories in her luggage. Hadid and a friend were detained on July 10th following their arrival by private jet at Owen Roberts International Airport.

The Cayman Islands Customs and Border Patrol arrested Gigi Hadid and her traveling companion Leah McCarthy for “the importation of marijuana and importation of utensils used for the consumption of marijuana,” according to BBC News.

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Cayman Marl Road reported that the bags didn’t have much cannabis, it was most likely enough for personal use. The Hadid team commented to BBC that the cannabis was purchased in New York with a medical license.

The Cayman Islands legalized medical cannabis in 2017, but the plant can’t cross territory lines. That goes for everyone—medical patient or not.

Hadid and McCarthy were briefly held at the local Prison Detention Center but quickly posted bail. The pair appeared in Summary Court during their five-day stay on the island. Each woman paid a $1000 fine to cover the possession charges, and no conviction was recorded.

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Despite the legal hiccup, other reports show Hadid enjoyed the quick stay at the island destination, singing karaoke and spending time on the beach. In what seems like a comment on the matter, Hadid posted a quick video sitting in a chair on the turquoise waters with the caption: “All’s well that ends well.”


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