Election Results: 2022 Arkansas Recreational Cannabis Legalization Initiative

On November 8th, Arkansas voted on Issue 4, a measure to legalize adult-use cannabis in the state. Now, with 84.6 percent of precincts reporting, The Associated Press projects Issue 4 will not pass, meaning adult-use cannabis will remain illegal in Arkansas.

Here were the key components of Arkansas’s recreational cannabis initiative:

  • It would have legalized the use of cannabis by adults aged 21 years and older.
  • It would not have allowed residents to grow their own cannabis at home.
  • Medical cannabis businesses currently in operation would have been able to open adult-use cannabis stores.
  • A lottery would determine who would receive retail licenses.
  • The state would have been able to tax cannabis products with a 10 percent supplemental tax on top of state and local taxes.
  • Local governments would have been able to prohibit retailers from opening shops if residents in their respective jurisdictions voted for prohibition.

Medical cannabis remains legal in the state of Arkansas.

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