Top weed-infused experiences to gift the cannabis-enthusiast in your life

Woman getting a back massage.

According to the latest statistics, about 55 million American adults identify as active marijuana users. If you know one of them, the hunt for the perfect gift this holiday season may include a visit to the local dispensary.

But before you buy that special someone in your life an accessory or strain they may already have, why not give them an experience? As cannatourism grows around the country, there are an increasing number of Cannabis-themed tours, hotels, restaurants and more, all of which will surprise and delight even the most experienced stoner.

We rounded up a few of these dank experiences that would make great holiday gifts.

Hop on a Cannabis Tour

If you want something truly unique for the cannabis enthusiast in your life, look no further than cannabis tours. These recently popular experiences take cannabis enthusiasts to a higher level of travel by providing cannabis at the beginning of the excursion or encouraging tourists to bring their own weed. Then, you’ll generally jump on a tour bus where consumption is allowed and visit cannabis-related destinations, such as a cannabis grow house or ranch.

Cannabis tours are most common in California and Oregon, but you’ll find them in other states where cannabis is legal, too.

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Visit a Cannabis Museum

If you’ve got a stoner friend who’s also a history buff, why not combine their interests by visiting Los Angeles’ Weedmaps Museum of Weed?

Having opened in 2019, the Museum of Weed is an interactive tour through the history of weed, telling the stories of growers, stoners, and activists on their journey to legalizing marijuana. Along the way, visitors will learn about the impact the drug’s prohibition had on various social groups throughout history.

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Buy Them a Cannabis (or CBD) Massage

Does the pot-lover in your life need less activity and more relaxing? A cannabis massage could be just the thing.

A cannabis massage is just like a regular massage, except the massage oil is infused with cannabis or CBD. Among other benefits, a cannabis massage helps to decrease pain, nourish the skin, and relaxes the muscles. Plus, cannabis and CBD oils have anti-inflammatory properties.

Visit a Cannabis-Friendly City Abroad

If you and your weed-smoking pal want to go a bit further afield, you could look into some great cannatourism options outside of the United States. Barcelona, for instance, isn’t all bullfights and tapas. It also has a thriving network of cannabis social clubs.

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Barcelona and Amsterdam are well-known worldwide for their appreciation for and tolerance of cannabis, and there are plenty of spots to smoke and purchase cannabis throughout these cities.


Whether you’re celebrating Christmas or Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or Festivus, there’s a weed-related experience that may make the perfect gift this year. Whether the canna-lover in your life wants to travel or just needs some R&R, there’s an experience they’ll enjoy.

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