Puff, pass, and spread cheer: inside the most joyful cannabis holiday gala

winter bash cannabis holiday event

Nothing says Ho Ho Holiday dabs more than cannabis focused holiday parties! A plant that was made to share, cannabis, has always been a great addition to any holiday festivity. Now more than ever, our favorite herb and time of year come together to create magical memories, incredible events and pop-ups, and give back to the community. Below, I have highlighted three events that really brought out the holiday spirit in all attendees, myself included.

Hashy Holidays by Puffco and Astor Club LA

The kid in me was so stoked to find out the entry fee to get into the Hashy Holidays event, hosted by Puffco and Astor Club LA, was donating a toy ($20) to The Midnight Mission. Hash enthusiasts might be the best secret toy shoppers ever, as we are always looking for something new and exciting, so the hosts knew what they were doing. Dropping my toys off in the avalanche of fun that was being donated made my heart swell, and it was for sure time to do the same to my lungs.

The Astor Club LA is a beautiful location boasting industrial design elements, multiple floors, and a rooftop where the party doesn’t stop. You can feel it walking into the highest club in high society. The slogan is correct, with the West Hollywood branch of the world renowned Astor Club NYC being nothing short of fabulous. Definitely the place to smoke, be seen, and smoke some more. It’s those vibes times a hundred.

astor club la cannabis holiday event
The Astor Club LA is a high-end consumption lounge (no pun intended) Photo: Josh Freeman

Puffco was not only hosting but on scene with some holiday specials on their newest gear, including the New Plus dab pen, which I definitely had to grab and plan to review in the future. The menu for the evening was full of great deals by brands highly regarded in the industry. You just had to step up to the bar, scan the QR Code and get busy. 

Fidel’s, a brand renowned for their collaborative hash holes and whole plant, single source rosin, was on scene with a number of enticing offerings. Feeling Frosty was also on deck with some of Sonoma’s finest, kosher certified, straight from the igloo concentrates. 710Labs, one of my personal favorites, had an assortment of offerings available to satisfy any holiday hash appetite, big or large. 

You might be asking yourself, but wait, it’s the holidays and I want to treat myself even more than usual. What about the best hash in the world? Is it here? I have to give a tremendous shout out to JollyRoger, Roger Volodarsky, founder of Puffco. I had seen his video on the best hash in the world, and while not advertised initially, the amazing Uncle Farm’s was in attendance with their world renowned Piatella. If you were looking to impress the headiest of heads, this was it. You can bet a jar ended up in my stocking, that’s for sure.

piatella hash
Piatella hash is dubbed “the world’s greatest” by heads Photo: Josh Freeman

710Labs x YeastieBoys Bagels

Possibly one of the most exciting collaborations of the year, 710Labs and YeastieBoys bagels came together to launch an extremely limited menorah joint pack, allowing you to join in on the festival of lights in a unique and fun way – the festival of lighting joints. Showing up to this pop-up was on my holiday must do list as I am not only a fan, but a foodie, so I had my eyes on both brands’ social media to see when and where these would launch.

710labs holiday drop
The 710Labs holiday drop was highly coveted

Three stops were on the agenda: Studio City, Los Feliz, and West Hollywood, and with me being located in San Diego this presented some problems. But with enough holiday cheer, and possibly a traffic miracle or two, maybe it was possible. I chose the second spot because traffic did not allow me to go to the first, but after arriving almost an hour early, I was met with a handful of other folks waiting already as well. 

The 710Labs van pulled in about twenty minutes early from their expected time, and after some careful maneuvering, was able to get into their designated spot before rolling open the doors. Out came their VP of sales, Adam Jacob, handing out packets of infused Everything Seasoning. In case you missed that last line while holding in a hit, I said infused Everything Seasoning! 23000 mg of extract added to a batch of everything seasoning making for what could be the most elevated everything bagel ever. Described as 40-70mg the seasoning was also served, when requested, as part of the hashbrown prepared by YeastieBoys.

For those lucky enough to grab the menorah joint pack, it included eight one-gram joints of Garlic Cocktail #7, and one infused doink with one and a half grams of Zkittlez flower and a half gram of Zkittlez rosin. The meal was included in the price of entry: Hashbrown with Sour Cream and Caviar (Medicated everything seasoning optional), The 710 Sandwich (thinly sliced steak and mozzarella on a roll), and the dime bag of infused Everything Seasoning. A holiday steal for only $150 out the door.

Plus you can’t put a price on seshing in the van with the 710Labs team.

Winter Hash Ball by Sterling Social Club & 818 Blake

Put on your stockings and grab your dab rigs as the Winter Hash Ball was not to be missed. Sterling Social Club and 818 Blake masterminded this event, and it was a cap off to a splendid set of holiday parties for sure. With both general admission and VIP, over forty cannabis and hash vendors, this was an event for every level of enthusiast. Set in a sprawling location with vendors inside, outside, upstairs, and in other buildings, you really had to take your time and explore this event carefully or you could easily get lost in the hash holes and dab smoke wafting through the air.

Included in the VIP area was Archies Deli, one of the most iconic sandwiches in the Hollywood area, serving up sandwiches for hungry hash heads. Had to swing through and grab the Angus Love (Beef) and The Chick (Chicken) sandwiches along with some exclusive drops of Alkemist Organics Juices. Upstairs in the VIP you could get a massage, or in the next room a barbershop had been set up to get your next cut done. They gave VIP bags out at the end of the night, which included a gram of Fatso Hash Rosin by Muaha Meds.

Winter Hash Ball Vendors

Making your way through the vast amount of vendors, you can always spot gold. Sugar Magnolia Farms is a staple at these events, and for good reason: their hash rosin and flower is on a whole other level. While the Strawberry Yogurt was out of stock, I made sure to grab some of their Honey Bunny, which is gassy and funky like you wouldn’t believe, and smoked one of their hash hole collaborations with Fidel’s. A booth I always find myself floating back to, if you see these guys (and gals) at an event, definitely give them a shout, you will not be disappointed.

winter bash cannabis holiday event
There were plenty of heady vendors at the Winter Hash Ball Photo: Josh Freeman

Finding deals and specials to fill up those stockings can sometimes be hard, but Terpy Trees came through with some steals on buckets of their cold cure hash rosin, including their award-winning Grape Gas, two grams for seventy dollars. These guys always have something new to try at their booth as well, and this time it was the Dab X, a new portable device I had not seen before, but seriously ripped hard!

Trichrome Tortoise was on scene following up his wins at Full Moon Sesh and Ego Clash with some of the most dazzling six star purple hash. Seriously, this guy is doing things people have never seen before. Speaking of, the booth next door was none other than the man himself, CGO, or Connoisseur Grade Only. While I’m still making my way through all the hash holes from National Hashhole Day I had to grab a jar of that Casa Flor Tallymon washed by KimJongRosin.

As always, you find new things when you go to these types of events, and for this one, it was Vice City Hash. With branding and concepts pulled from a popular video game series, this booth drew a lot of eyes, mine included. The purveyor of the booth came over and explained that they are making pressed hash like you would find in the UK or abroad, but with California terpene profiles. They also graciously broke me off a piece of their brick to try, a sample of which was also included in the VIP gift bag. 

After so many dabs and things, you can easily find yourself spinning in circles at these elaborate events, so I did myself a favor and elevated things by taking the stairs. Where they brought me was a small area where the DJ was set up between two vendor booths. Fusion Mushroom Bars were out in full effect with magic mushroom infused chocolate bars in a variety of flavors including Peanut butter Cup, Fruity Pebbles, and more. Whole Melt Extracts were opposite them, providing fat dabs off a ceramic e-nail along with a number of their premium live rosins. They even had collab jars with TheWaterBoyzz710 like Zour Patch and Rainbow Diesel, something every little hash head wants to see under the tree this year.

Holiday Wrap-Up

Overall, what I think all of these events showcase is that the holidays are for all of us to come together to enjoy something we all have in common, which is a love for cannabis and hash. You couldn’t ask for a merrier group of folks to spend the holidays with. So if you haven’t already, grab your pipe, grab a joint and celebrate the holidays one puff at a time. 

Happy Holidaze Everyone!

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