Fast Five Q&A: Jeff Similien, CEO of LowKey Dispensary

fast five jeff similien

For those lucky enough to turn their passions into a career, the opportunity is a true gift. In the cannabis space, these stories have a pointed place as entrepreneurs emerge from a market that was once underground. 

Jeff Similien is one of these fortunate individuals. As a former semi-pro athlete and non-profit founder, the CEO of LowKey Dispensary in Massachusetts is putting his community at the forefront of his retail operation. Similien’s Kings Among Kings organization seeks to empower and enact change, something he strives for in his store every day. 

Similien answered GreenState’s Fast Five questions, sharing his vision for connection, the hyper-local vibes at LowKey, and how his past integrates with his present.

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GreenState: How did your journey with cannabis begin?

Jeff Similien: My journey with cannabis began out of a combination of personal interest and recognition of its medicinal benefits during the times I was playing semi-professional football after college. I’ve always been fascinated by the plant’s potential to promote wellness and the therapeutic aspect which ultimately led me to explore how I can further my knowledge and eventually enter the industry.

GS: What is your favorite way to consume?

JS: Personally, my preferred method to consume is smoking flower with paper. I also enjoy vaping. I find it to be a convenient and discreet method that allows for precise dosing and a more controlled experience.

GS: LowKey dispensary bills itself as a vibrant hub for connection. What does that mean?

JS: At LowKey Dispensary, we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where customers feel comfortable exploring cannabis products and engaging with our enthusiastic staff members. 

Beyond just providing a retail shop, we aim to foster a sense of community and connection by hosting events, workshops, and educational sessions that bring people together to share their experiences and knowledge about cannabis. We are committed to our 4 pillars:  Education, Experience, Culture, and Lifestyle! 

GS: Your shop offers exclusive neighborhood strains named after communities in Boston. Where did that idea come from?

JS: The idea stems from our desire to celebrate and honor the local culture and heritage of the city. Each strain is carefully curated by our local grower, Barry Handy, to reflect the unique characteristics and flavors associated with its respective neighborhood, creating a sense of pride and connection among our customers. I also made several trips to LA, Denver, Toronto, Las Vegas, and other mature markets to learn more about the trajectory of the industry. 

GS: As the founder of Kings Amongst Kings, you encourage Black men in your community to foster conversation and support one another. How is this work transcending to your cannabis career?

JS: The values of Kings Amongst Kings, which focus on community empowerment and support, are deeply ingrained in our approach to business at the cannabis dispensary. We are committed to providing opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds, including Black men, to thrive in the industry through employment, mentorship, and education initiatives. 

By creating a welcoming and inclusive space at our dispensary, we aim to break down barriers and empower members of our community to pursue their passions and succeed in their endeavors.

Jeff Similien, Real Estate & Cannabis Entrepreneur, CEO of LowKey Dispensary Focused on cannabis equity, community empowerment, and real estate in MA, RI. Educated with a Business Management degree from Curry College. Over a decade of experience brokering commercial real estate, aiding small businesses. 

In cannabis, obtained license, opening Black-owned dispensaries in Dorchester and West Roxbury. Advocates for inclusivity, job opportunities, and mentorship in the legal cannabis industry. Founder of Kings Amongst Kings, fostering community discussions and support. Former semi-pro football player, passionate about family, sports, and community development. 

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