Amanita muscaria gummies promise a legal trip, but what are they?

amanita muscaria gummies

The world of psychedelics is an enchanted forest filled with flowers, herbs, animals, and mushrooms that can elicit a mystical response. In the case of mushrooms, this covers more than psilocybin magic mushrooms. Amanita muscaria is another psychedelic mushroom, and it’s having a heyday. Due to its more encompassing legality compared to psilocybin, amanita mushroom gummies are not only popular—they’re fairly easy for adults get.

Many amanita muscaria mushroom gummies contain a microdose of muscimol, the active psychedelic compound derived from the red and white spotted shroom. But if you eat them raw, consequences are steep. In the most dire circumstances, eating raw amanita muscaria could end in death. When it comes to amanita gummy brands, there are slightly different recipes, but muscimol is always included. Knowing which gummy to choose requires a simple understanding of the amanita muscaria basics.

This guide to amanita muscaria gummies can provide the foundation of knowledge to pick out the right psychedelic treat for any occasion.

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amanita muscaria gummies

Key takeaways

  • Amanita muscaria mushrooms are red-capped with white spots, a white trunk, and white gill.
  • The fungi contain a toxic compound that becomes psychedelic with specific preparation.
  • Amanita and its products are legal in 49 U.S. states.
  • The mushroom can promote relaxation and incite a hallucinogenic experience.
  • This market is not regulated, so buyer beware..

What are amanita muscaria mushrooms?

Amanita muscaria is a species of mushroom also known as fly agaric or fly amanita. It contains a toxic compound that can only be consumed after being properly prepared. Once prepped, consuming amanita inspires a hallucinogenic experience.

The mushroom contains ibotenic acid, which converts into psychedelic muscimol when decarboxylated (heated on low until one compound converts to the other). This is the same process used to convert THCA to THC when making edibles with cannabis flower.

Some also recommend mixing the prepared mushroom with citric acid to decrease the pH. Consuming raw amanita, where the ibotenic acid hasn’t been converted into muscimol, is toxic and can lead to side effects like nausea, vomiting, and even death.

Most people would recognize this fruiting body. They are often seen on hikes in lush climates and are abundant in Northern Europe in the winter. The fungi inspired Super Mario’s power-up mushroom from the video game universe. Amanita muscaria has a bright red cap with white, slightly raised spots. There’s a white gill (a.k.a. limella) around the white trunk.

Though Mario’s mushroom is iconic, the lore of this fungi predates the athletic Italian plumber. Christians recognize there’s no Santa in the bible, and Pagans aren’t crystal clear on where the jolly old fellow fits into Yule–many believe the lore of Santa Claus starts with amanita muscaria. Scholars also assert that the hallucinogenic mushroom is Soma, a mystical plant from ancient Vedic texts. Many have sought out the plant, which is never identified.

All folklore aside, amanita muscaria extract is commonly used in gummies, sometimes alongside other active compounds. The anecdotal benefits of amanita muscaria mushrooms include reducing pain, less stress, relief from depression, and better sleep.

Mushroom gummy legality

But, are these mushroom gummies legal? For those in the U.S., they are legal almost everywhere. Amanita muscaria mushrooms and gummies are legal in every U.S. state except Louisiana. Despite not being illegal, the FDA hasn’t certified the fungi for human consumption. That means amanita muscaria gummies aren’t federally regulated, so know what you’re getting.

How amanita muscaria gummies make you feel
Consuming properly prepared amanita muscaria may evoke relaxation with a hallucinogenic euphoria. At a microdose (5-10 mg), the gummy may inspire a floaty feeling that evolves into spurts of pondering followed by inspiration. A small dose shouldn’t be fully incapacitating, but don’t go operating machinery or anything.

Some amanita muscaria gummy brands have other active ingredients. That means the gummy you choose could impact the psychedelic experience.

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amanita muscaria gummies

Choosing the best amanita muscaria gummies

Finding the “best” amanita muscaria gummies is subjective. However, a solid rule of thumb is that they are high quality and kick in in under 30 minutes. Mushroom gummies reviews praise certain brands, so let’s investigate what makes this product worth buying.

Learn about the brand crafting the gummies before buying, even if they have free shipping. This can help ensure the product is quality controlled. Also, research other ingredients in the psychedelic candies to understand the possible effects and properly gauge possible interactions with other prescriptions or supplements.

There are amanita muscaria products that are just made with muscimol, but others contain added ingredients for a nootropic effect. Koi Muscimind gummies contain a functional mushroom, a euphoric herb, and more. That formulation is meant to draw out serotonin for the ultimate mood boost. Wunder amanita muscaria gummies contain kava and cannabinoids to promote the relaxing aspect of the trip.

Checking for an ingredient list can not only provide insight into the expected trip. It is also another checkpoint for consumers. Brands that don’t identify the components of their mushroom gummies might not be worth the risk. The bottom line is that choosing the best amanita gummies comes down to trust.

Last thoughts

The option to try amanita muscaria gummies rather than risk misidentifying the red-spotted wonder in the wild makes the psychedelic experience more accessible. The benefits of consuming this fungus have been confirmed anecdotally many times over. With gummies on the table, they could be worth trying even though the FDA isn’t on board yet. Those who do choose this journey, proceed with caution and keep these gummies far away from kids and pets.

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