Cannabis Gifts for Each Person on Your List


Looking to give some truly dank gifts this holiday season? You’ve come to the right spot.

Over the course of the pandemic, cannabis sales have gone sky-high. Right now, the cannabis industry in the U.S. is worth $61 billion. And whether you live in a state where recreational cannabis is legal or where the closest thing you can get is CBD, it’s likely there’s someone in your circle who would love a cannabis or CBD-related gift.

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But cannabis and CBD products come in many shapes and sizes, and it can be difficult to determine what infused gifts will go over with each person on your list. That’s why we broke down what kinds of cannabis gifts are most likely to be a hit with the people you’re buying for this year.

Before you make your holiday shopping list (and check it twice,) check out these recommendations for the many types of cannabis enthusiasts that may be in your life.

Cannabis Gifts for Your Mom & Dad

It’s no secret that we begin to experience new aches and pains as we age. This year, you can help your parents relax with CBD. Studies have shown that CBD can help with Arthritis-related pain, nerve pain, and jaw pain. Plus, it’s being used at an increasing rate by people ages 54 and older. We recommend buying them a soothing CBD cream, which directly targets aching joints when applied to the affected area.

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Other CBD gifts parents may enjoy include a book on the benefits of CBD, tinctures to introduce them to CBD, or CBD sleep gummies to help them fall into a restful sleep.

Cannabis Gifts for Your In-Laws

It’s a bold move to buy cannabis for your in-laws. But if your in-laws are stoners, it might just be the thing that finally gets you “in.”

Still, it’s wise to deploy the utmost caution when buying weed, or really anything, for in-laws. You don’t want to get your in-laws a cannabis product with a high dosage of THC that could potentially make them sick, and you definitely don’t want to get them bad weed.

To play it safe, here are some mild cannabis products and accessories anyone (yes, even your in-laws) can appreciate.

  • Hemp soaps and lotions
  • Cannabis-themed home decor (you can find THC molecule prints and cannabis leaf dish sets online)
  • Apothecary case
  • CBD edibles
  • Cannabis storage containers

Cannabis Gifts for Your Partner

For your partner, first, establish what your cannabis gift budget is and determine if you should get them a big gift or a few smaller ones. Smaller gifts can include cannabis couture, a new pipe, a subscription box to a cannabis company, or a home grow kit.

Then, add a touch of romance. The best gift to give your partner is often something you can share together. This could be THC-infused edibles to break out after the kids go to sleep, or something different to try in the bedroom like weed lube and CBD oil.

Or, it might be a cannabis-themed date. Cannabis tours, CBD massages, and 4/20 hotels are opening all across the country, so you can show your partner a “high” quality time they’ll never forget.

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Cannabis Gifts for Your Children

Now’s the time to be the “cool mom” or “cool dad” you always knew you could be (provided your kids are over 21 and can therefore legally consume cannabis in states where adult-use is legal, of course.)

Some cannabis gifts for daughters might be CBD bath bombs to help fight off the Sunday scaries, CBD-infused face serum to help calm nerves and clean pores, or a hemp candle to help her compress after a stressful day.

When it comes to your son, if he has a beard, then look no further than CBD beard oil. The oil hydrates the beard while providing anti-inflammatory and healing effects of CBD.

And if he doesn’t have a beard, you can always get him an inverted lighter, a new grinder, a black walnut smoking set, or a smoke eater spray to get the smell of his habit out of your house.

Cannabis Gifts for Everyone This Year

Buying cannabis for friends and family is more difficult than it appears. With many products to choose from, it’s essential to put some thought behind what products you’re gifting to whom. Fortunately, there’s a cannabis product for everyone. All you have to do is research your options, think creatively, and, of course, never give weed to someone who doesn’t want it.


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