How to give cannabis as a gift (and not make it weird)


The holidays are right around the corner, and with cannabis becoming legal in more and more states, now is the perfect time to give (arguably) the perfect gift: the gift of weed.

Think about it: if they love cannabis, even your hardest-to-shop-for friends (yes, including that guy who has it all and loves to remind you of it) will love marijuana merch – whether it’s the hottest CBD product, THC-infused anything, or a creative smoking accessory.

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But how do you give weed as a gift in a way that doesn’t look, well, janky?

Keep reading to learn all about which cannabis gifts are right for whom, and how to research thoroughly to ensure that you’re giving a trustworthy product. We’ve also included details on some hot holiday deals and fun ideas for wrapping cannabis as a gift.

Do Your Homework

Before choosing weed products to gift, consider your audience. Some people are comfortable with both THC and CBD, while others will prefer a product that does not get them high, but has health benefits.

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That said, you shouldn’t make any assumptions about who wants what. These days, older adults are using marijuana more than ever before, so grandma really might want that hot new strain of kush.

You should also take care to find out if anyone on your list is subject to drug screening, has any allergies, or is intentionally avoiding products that contain intoxicants. The worst way to give the gift of weed is to waste it on someone who doesn’t want it.

Consider Weed Accessories

From pipes, vapes, and dab rigs to dank cannabis couture, there’s plenty more to shop for than just marijuana.

If you’re considering a smoking accessory or other usable weed accessory, be sure that you know the recipient’s preferred method of cannabis ingestion. And, if you’re not certain, think outside the box!

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Cannabis cookbooks, marijuana jewelry, and hemp products for around the home are all great ideas. CBD bath bomb, anybody?

Special Holiday Pricing

This year, just about every dispensary will be offering special holiday pricing, and plenty of online retailers will, too. But while it may be tempting to opt for the lowest prices possible, it’s essential to do your homework on this as well.

Before you jump on that hot holiday deal, stop and double-check that you’re purchasing a reliable and lab-tested product. For CBD shopping, be sure to find out if any THC might be present – as this could be problematic for some users, even in trace amounts. For THC, you’ll want a third-party tested product free from harmful additives, pesticides, and heavy metals.

Keep in mind that it’s almost always more affordable to buy in bulk, so consider grouping your gifts to save. And, if you’re on a budget, you could always opt for a homemade gift, like a hot and chewy batch of cannabis chocolate chip cookies!

Wrap Your Weed Gift Right

A beautiful gift deserves an equally beautiful presentation. So it makes sense to make your cannabis presents attractive both inside and out with fun ideas like weed wrapping paper.

Or, if you want to keep your gift more low-key, try something simple like brown paper with hemp cord and a few dried leaves from a marijuana plant. Simple, elegant, classic.

‘Tis the Season!

Now you’re ready to pick out the perfect weed gift for the stoners on your holiday shopping list. Happy shopping!

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