420 Zodiac guide: weed party ideas for every sun sign

420 zodiac

While many have things locked in, stoners, canna-curious newbies, and occasional tokers may wonder how to spend this 4/20 holiday. This includes figuring out what weed to smoke, who to smoke it with, and where it’s all going down. 

If all that effort goes into 4/20, why not cater to each personality with a celebration fit for a sun sign. Weed is for the whole Zodiac, but each sign might like to honor the plant in their own way. Let’s crack the code with this 420 Zodiac guide and determine how each sign would like to enjoy the high holiday. 

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Those with a sun sign in Aries enjoy adventure, getting to the hottest events, and living out loud. This year for 4/20, Aries and those who love them will have a blast hopping to and from the best weekend parties. Just remember to keep them properly high to avoid triggering the overstimulated ram.


It’s probable that a stoner Taurus has built their own perfect space to smoke weed, so why not host your favorite stoners for 4/20? Taurus will love having their besties over to light up and let loose in their perfectly curated sesh spot.


Loud and proud Gemini rarely needs a reason to party, so when there’s a holiday like 4/20, they’re bound to get involved. Gemini may be found planning the big weed events in their town, but they shouldn’t forget to let loose themselves. 


Cozy Cancer is probably hoping for an invite to their Taurus bestie’s house because while they’re social beings, they are often more comfortable in a more mellow party. Those not blessed with a group of weed-smoking friends may want to plan a personal party at home. Get a pot delivery, sort out a solid weed kit, and then enjoy the plant in Cancer’s favorite place: their own house.


Leo is the talk of the town, at least, that’s their favorite thing to be. No matter what Leo does on 4/20, it will be a hit as long as they’re seen and heard by the most popular people in weed. The lions of the Zodiac should go to a fabulous 4/20 party, get into the most exclusive sesh, or make way for a coveted cannabis gathering to feel like their high holiday was well spent. 


As long as the party or sesh is well-planned Virgo will be pleased. The one thing that pisses off a Virgo is poor planning, shoddy execution, and overall poor work. Don’t bring this sun sign to a hair-brained gathering and they’ll be a delight. 


The thing about Libra is they have big FOMO, a.k.a Fear Of Missing Out, so this crew may be party hopping late into the night. Libra is often a sun sign with many friends, so luckily they’ll probably have a lot of invites to support their goals. 


It’s probable Scorpio prefers a more ethereal gathering than a smoke sesh or party. This water sign may want to seek out a lifted yoga session, guided meditation, or a crystal gazing function.


This sun sign will want to get wild, fun, and free for 4/20. Don’t keep Sagittarius in a corner, set them loose on a stoned hike with a beloved friend group or check out the parties, gatherings, and sessions happening in the area. The adventurous Zodiac sign will appreciate getting out there and living it up on the high holiday.


Though Capricorn’s often stoic, they know how to have a good time. This sun sign craves striking the right balance between being out and about and a cozy sesh at home. While Cap values a good time with friends, they will want to be seen at the hippest gatherings. 


Most Aquarians are down for anything with one big caveat: they can’t be contained. Because of this, many will find solace in the chaos of a Sagittarius. These two will make a lively pair for a raucous day of 4/20 party hopping well into the evening. 


Much like Taurus, Pisces wants to be social but also likes their creature comforts. Pisceans will either want to get an invite to Taurus’s sesh or have their own with a select group. Some fish love going out and getting social, but if you can, find an event near the ocean, on the river, or at the lake– this sun sign loves good tunes. 

Not every sun sign has identical wants and needs, but let this guide give everyone a place to start. Earth, fire, water, or air–420 is for everyone. May it be a fabulous day no matter where people end up celebrating.


Cara Wietstock is senior content producer of GreenState.com and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.