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b-plus mushroom

There are many species of Psilocybe cubensis, like Golden Teachers, Blue Meanies, and the B plus mushroom. Unlike many other magic mushroom strains, there’s not much information available about the true origins of B+.

Frankly, little is known about most delineating mushroom strains since psilocybin is categorized as Schedule 1 by the FDA. Because of its schedule status, legally researching psychedelic mushrooms is highly complicated.

After a long run of prohibition, a bunch of cities and two states have decriminalized psilocybin, and advocates elsewhere are working to follow suit. The legality of the plant ranges all over the U.S. This has led mushroom cultivators and psychonauts to share wisdom in anonymous forums like Shroomery over the last few decades.

A post on Shroomery gives credit for B-plus to Mr. G. It also shares that the cultivator initially wrongfully identified the magic mushrooms. Mr. G introduced B plus mushrooms as Psilocybe azurescens crossed with cubensis. It turns out the fungi are actually a unique form of Psilocybe cubensis, plain and simple.

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B plus mushroom: images of psychedelic mushrooms with groovy pattern over

Types of magic mushrooms

Magic mushroom is a slang term referring to psychedelic fungi that contain psilocybin and psilocin. Amanita muscaria and other mushrooms found in the world can create psychedelic effects, but magic mushrooms is a term specific to those with psilocybin listed as the active ingredient.

Psilocybin first gained U.S. popularity in the 1950s when journalist R. Gordon Wasson published an account of his spiritual experience eating shrooms in Life magazine. Since then, interest in psychedelic mushrooms has exploded, with many Americans learning to cultivate using spores and breeding their own magic mushroom strains.

There are almost 200 strains of Psilocybe including azurescens and cubensis. Mr. G believed B+ to be azurescens because of its knobby caps; it is now believed to actually be a cubensis strain according to Shroomery. Despite contestation about its origins, it is possible to check if mushrooms are B+.

Identifying the B+ Mushroom

The B+ mushroom is known for being larger than other Psilocybe cubensis strains, from the thick stem to the wide caps. It’s impossible to be sure that a mushroom is a certain variety without testing it, but some visual checks can indicate a shroom might be B+.

These mushrooms grow six to eight inches high with caps that reach a one to three-inch diameter. The cap and stems are both caramel-colored. When growing in warmer temperatures, the color can appear more golden than caramel. These shrooms have larger stems and caps compared to other strains. They also drop a thick veil. The veil is a membrane that can grow from the cap and connect to the lower stem. B+ also deposits lots of spores, increasing the flush yield.

Telling the difference from one psilocybin strain to another can be difficult, especially when attempting to identify B+. But some indicators signify it may be this strain. The first sign someone has a B+ is the large fruit with thick stems and wide caps. The next thing to look for as an indicator of the B+ mushroom is the sturdy white veil. Other strains may have very thin veils. Many also believe that this shroom strain is more potent than other cubensis varieties.

B-Positive vs. B-Plus vs. B+ Mushrooms

B+ Plus mushrooms go by a few names. Sometimes, the name is spelled “B-Plus,” sticking with the same phonetics as B-plus. Others believe that the correct nomenclature is B-Positive. The true origins of the name are unknown, but it seems most use B+ to describe these shrooms.

B+ mushroom potency

Feedback about the effects of B-plus mushrooms comes from anonymous forums like Reddit, where users explain that the strain may not be more potent but definitely has a unique vibe. The Psilocybin Cup serves as a ranking system for the best shroom strains, testing and comparing the potency of all entries. This year, a few B+ mushroom strains were entered.

B+ didn’t do poorly in the competition, though the results don’t support the idea that the strain is far more potent than others. B+ Jev grown by Javon contained 7.7 mg per gram of psilocybin and 0.8 mg/g of psilocin. Killer Tofu submitted B+ KT tested with eight mg/g of psilocybin and 1 mg/g of psilocin. The B+ strains didn’t win the Hyphae Cup, but both ranked comfortably in the second tier of potency among the dozens of entries.

Biotechnology company Tryptomics has also tested B-plus from a few different spore vendors with varying potency results:

  • B+-1 = 6.82 mg/g of total actives
  • B+-2 = 15.71mg/g of total actives
  • B+-3 = 9.02 mg/g of total actives

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B plus mushroom: images of psychedelic mushrooms with groovy pattern over

Effects of B+ mushrooms

Most of the information available about how people feel after consuming B+ mushrooms is first-hand experiences shared in online forums. Reddit users commented on a thread about their experiences with B+, which also supports the idea that though it invokes a trippy experience it’s no more potent than any other magic mushroom strain.

Slaya45_DXM described the high from B+ mushrooms as having “decent visuals, pretty good body load,” referring to the nausea, chills, and other negative impact eating shrooms can have on the body.

Another user ate mushrooms they believed to be B+ alone at home. This commenter had a positive experience but expressed disappointment, “I was hoping to receive some clarity and have a spiritual awakening.”

However, a separate thread solidified the idea that B+ may be stronger than other psilocybin cubensis varieties in certain circumstances. According to Reddit user Second_Chance_atlife, this nuance is similar to that of cannabis strains.

“Sometimes different batches produce different amounts of psilocybin. Most cubes are indeed very similar to each other but can vary based on grow conditions/ genetics. You can also have different types of trips off the same batch of mushrooms…Your mental state and environment can also have a big effect on how a trip plays out,” wrote Second_Chance_atlife.

This thread about B+ mushroom effects got contentious as some psychonauts swear their experiences with this variety incited an almost DMT-like spiritual effect, while others simply don’t believe it.

B+ mushrooms are certainly psychedelic, but don’t expect the strain to answer the overhyped potency claims made in its name. As with all psychedelics, set and setting play an enormous role in the experience.

Growing B-plus mushrooms

B-plus mushrooms grow quickly in a humid environment with indirect light. Mushroom cultivators use a substrate using wheat straw bedding that contains horse manure, hay, corn cobs, cottonseed hulls, poultry manure, brewer’s grain, cottonseed meal, cocoa bean hulls, and gypsum.

People create B+ using a spore print taken from another flush of the magic mushroom. Spores are rehydrated on the print using sterile water. The water is put into a syringe, and the liquid is plunged into the substrate to do their thing.

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After their inoculation, magic mushrooms like B+ don’t require rigorous effort to fruit; in the right environment, the shrooms start popping up on their own. No complex methods or hyper-controlled grow spaces are required, just time and a bit of attention.

Knowing when to pick a psilocybin mushroom is almost more complicated than growing B+ mushrooms. The “right time” to pluck a magic mushroom is when the concentration of psychedelic compounds reaches a peak. Many cultivators say that this mushroom strain is ready to pick when the veil is open and starts to tear. The same thread also shares that some growers get prolific flushes of small shrooms when growing B+, so not all these varieties grow larger than average.

B+ Mushroom FAQ

There are many strains of psychedelic mushrooms, and it goes far beyond psilocybin. B+ is one mushroom strain that grows unique psilocybe cubensis shrooms. B+ is coveted for often growing big stems and caps, frequently flushing in its growing habitat, and sometimes inspiring experiences verging on spiritual.

With so much interest in the mushroom variety, there’s a queue of B+ Mushroom frequently asked questions. Let’s parse through the questions that have answers.

What are the origins of B+ mushrooms?

The origins of the B+ mushroom strain are hazy; few know how the variety came to be. What is known is that B+ is a unique form of Psilocybe cubensis, putting it in the same family as Golden Teachers and Blue Meanies.

What do B-plus mushrooms feel like?

The effects of B-plus mushrooms will vary widely depending on a person’s chemical makeup, mental health levels, and the setting of the trip. Many report B+ feeling introspectively psychedelic with engaging visuals.

How do you grow B+ mushrooms?

B-plus mushrooms grow well from a substrate in a humid environment with indirect light. The substrate can be inoculated using a spore print. Pick this shroom once the veil starts to split.

Are B-plus mushrooms stronger than other strains?

Certain psychonauts believe that B+ is a stronger magic mushroom strain compared to other varieties. However, personal testimony on sites like Reddit and test results in the 2023 Hyphae Cup don’t support these claims. Still, the psilocybe cubensis strain delivers a psychedelic experience for those in a safe setting with the right mindset.

Do B+ shrooms go by any other names?

There are a few ways to spell B+ mushrooms. Some write it out as B-Plus, while others believe that the name is B-Positive, a reference to the euphoria and sense of connection people experience after a trip.

A+ for B-plus mushrooms

Those who share about trying B+ mushrooms speak highly of the experience. This strain is not as popular as Psilocybe cubensis varieties like Golden Teachers, Blue Meanies, and Penis Envy. The mushrooms are a caramel color but sometimes golden and often have thick stems and large, undulous caps. Many believe that B+ delivers an A+ trip, meaning the shrooms hit harder than similar types–but this isn’t proven.

Like all magic mushroom strains, there’s not much foundational scientific information available about B-plus. Little is known about how B+ was created or precisely how it differs from other similar mushroom strains. However, there is ample self-reported information about these strains on online forums like Shroomery and Reddit that illuminate the powers of B+.

By analyzing anecdotal data and results made available from sources like the Hyphae Cup, more is being learned about B+ mushrooms all the time. While the world catches up, psychonauts explore the depths of this strain while unraveling the knot of its origins.

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