420 events from coast to coast celebrate the cannabis community

420 events

In the dynamic landscape of cannabis culture, events stand as pivotal gatherings for enthusiasts, advocates, and newcomers alike. These occasions not only celebrate the plant but also serve as platforms for education, advocacy, and community building.

Central to the significance of cannabis events is their capacity to cultivate a sense of community and inclusivity. In a society where cannabis consumption has historically faced stigma and marginalization, these gatherings offer a sanctuary for individuals to unite and revel in their shared passion for the plant.

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Moreover, cannabis events play a pivotal role in dismantling stereotypes and normalizing cannabis usage. By bringing the plant into mainstream discourse and settings, these events challenge antiquated perceptions, fostering greater acceptance and comprehension.

Beyond their cultural value, cannabis events yield tangible benefits for the industry at large. They offer businesses opportunities to showcase their products, forge connections with potential collaborators and consumers, and remain informed about the latest trends and advancements.

As we navigate the ever-evolving terrain of cannabis legalization and regulation, events will continue to serve as cornerstones in shaping the trajectory of the industry. By furthering connections, spurring innovation, and championing change, these gatherings serve as catalysts for progression and evolution.

At the forefront of facilitating these transformative experiences stands EventHi, a pioneering tech platform providing compliant event ticketing services tailored to the cannabis community. Founded in San Diego in 2017, EventHi has expanded its reach nationally, collaborating with event creators and bridging the gap between attendees and cannabis-centric events.

420 events you won’t want to miss

With the eagerly anticipated 420 on the horizon, EventHi invites enthusiasts to explore its annual 420 Event RoundUp—a curated selection of unique experiences spanning the entirety of 420 week. From cannabis celebrations to educational workshops and wellness retreats, EventHi’s roundup promises an array of enriching experiences for all.

Here’s a small selection of the 420 events happening this year.

SFWeedWeek 420 Fest San Francisco, CA

Meet rockstar growers, journalists, and other cannabis legends at SFWeedWeek’s pentultimate event at Mirus Gallery, featuring Ed Rosenthal, Ellen Holland, and many more—the Get to the Bag mylar art exhibit will also be on display.

MARY Fest New York, NY

Explore local brands and curated accessory offerings while learning about everything weed at the first annual MARY Fest in the Big Apple.

RESTART 420 Block Party Austin, TX

Enjoy raffles, munchies product specials, and even a fun run with the RESTART 420 Block Party – don’t miss the rolling contest and DIY trucker hat design competition!

OhioCannabis Festival & Farmers Market Uniontown, OH 

Meet other cannabis enthusiasts in our community and learn how to start your own LEGAL Home Grow at the OhioCannabis Festival & Farmers Market taking place at KimTam Park at Melanie Springs.

KUSHSTOCK 420 Adelanto, CA 

The marijuana mega-festival KUSHSTOCK 420 is back and better than ever, taking over the Adelanto Stadium Event Center for an all-day affair.

Buds & Brushstrokes 420 Event Trenton, NJ

Get the creative juices flowing at Buds & Brushstrokes 420, where you can make your own ashtray. The first 150 guests will receive a free gift bag!

Burning Flowers Stockton, CA 

​​Showcasing the diversity and talent of the Central Valley through live art, musical performances, food, and, of course, weed, Burning Flowers is going down at the Weber Point Event Center all day long.

420 Fest at Molly’s! Tilton, IL

Elevate your high holiday experience at 420 Fest at Molly’s in Tilton, Illinois, featuring a lineup of activities, doorbusters, vendors, live entertainment, Stoner Olympics, and SO much more!

Roll Up For Equity Film Screening San Diego, CA 

Come to a special screening of Roll Up For Equity, a film that exposes San Diego’s struggle to implement social equity within its regulated cannabis industry, highlighting passionate local advocates pushing for accountability and change in America’s Finest City.

Canna Wellness Tea Party Providence, RI 

Indulge in a variety of teas while enjoying delicious treats in great company at the Canna Wellness Tea Party taking place at Dancing Cats in Providence.

420 in Emerald City Portland, OR

Celebrate 420 in Emerald City at Portland’s most historic social lounge with food, music, vendors, giveaways, and local flowers all included in your ticket price.

Zahara’s Smoked Out 420 Fest Attleboro, MA 

The Zahara’s Smoked Out 420 Fest promises to be an unforgettable event, featuring The GetUp Crew from Hot 96.9, pop-ups from your favorite vendors, food, drinks, activities, and more.

Dreams Canna 4/20 Drop Party Detroit, MI 

Peruse the latest product drops and taste gourmet infused foods at the Dreams Canna 4/20 Drop Party in Detroit.

420 BLOCK PARTY Newark, NJ

Featuring tons of top-shelf brands, raffle prizes, and musical performances, the 420 BLOCK PARTY taking over Newark is a can’t-miss.

420 Community Day Shelton, CT

Explore the wonders of Holy Ghost Park, engage in various activities, and connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for herbal remedies, nature, and good vibes at 420 Community Day.

420 After Dark Austin, TX

Join 420 After Dark and unwind in the inviting space at MARYJAE® Social Club’s Consumption Lounge, where you can immerse yourself in a vibrant neon ambiance where every corner exudes a captivating atmosphere.

420 at HiFlora! Minneapolis, MN

Celebrate the one-year anniversary of Minneapolis’s first vegan, THC-friendly restaurant Hi Flora! at this upbeat smokeout.

Tannins and Terpenes Los Angeles, CA

Tannins and Terpenes offers an exclusive opportunity for consumers to enjoy an expert pairing of wine and cannabis based on both desired effects and unique preferences.

Gotham x Upside Pizza Block Party New York, NY

Gotham Gardens will turn the quintessential Soho pizza spot into a vibrant cannabis culinary haven, going all out for our favorite high holiday—pizza, puffs, games, giveaways, and music.

Discover these and numerous other events crafted to enhance your cannabis journey and connect with fellow enthusiasts. Whether you seek to network with industry professionals, indulge in a cannabis and wine tasting, or simply bask in the spirit of 420, EventHi’s roundup offers something for everyone.

For event creators eager to showcase their own events, EventHi extends an invitation to collaborate and feature their gatherings in future roundups. Reach out to EventHi at support@eventhi.io to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

Stay informed about the latest cannabis events nationwide by visiting EventHi.io.

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Adelia Carrillo Adelia Carrillo, a seasoned Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), brings a wealth of experience from corporate, consumer electronics, and cannabis sectors spanning over a decade. Currently leading as CMO at EventHi, a cutting-edge online ticketing platform for cannabis events, Adelia is dedicated to elevating the company’s brand, vision, and mission. Her outstanding contributions were recognized with the 2023 Leadership Impact Award by ICBWA.