6 Cannabis-infused date ideas for a budding romance


There’s nothing better than sharing what you love with the one you love. So, why not bring cannabis into date night?

We know what you’re thinking: there’s no way to make weed romantic.

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And yeah, sitting on the couch smoking a joint isn’t exactly what we’d call “mood-setting” either. But there are several fun date ideas that can be elevated with cannabis, assuming your partner likes to date and bake as much as you do.

Here are six cannabis-infused date ideas for you and your significant stoner.

1. Watch a Stoner Flick

Laughter is a great way to break this ice when you’re first getting to know someone, so watching a comedy movie is usually a safe bet for date night. But what if you popped an edible before turning on the TV, or sipped cannabis-infused drinks while you binge?

Many cannabis consumers feel especially giggly after using cannabis, creating the perfect headspace for a relaxed evening watching your favorite comedies.

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Not sure what to watch? Check out our roundup of the top stoner flicks that are sure to tickle your funny bone.

2. Visit a Zoo

Next on our list of 420-friendly dates is to visit a local zoo.

You may laugh, but trust us. Checking out amazing animals while high will take the experience to another level.

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Zoos are great places to relax and chat. And when you light up or eat an edible prior to admittance, you’ll see everything from an entirely new and unique perspective.

3. Go to a Concert

Planning a cannabis date doesn’t have to be complicated. Focus on having fun.

It’s no secret that getting high helps you get lost in the music. That’s why it’s hard to beat live music once you’re baked. Plus, going to a truly spectacular concert with someone is a great way to bond.

4. Go For a Hike

Do you both love nature? If so, taking a hike on a local nature trail is a great way to recharge. Plus, long walks are a great way to stimulate deep conversations between you and your partner.

The best strategy is to pop in an edible before leaving so that you won’t have to worry about lighting up somewhere along the trail.

5. Play a Game of Truth Or Dare

Getting high tends to make most people a little more chatty than normal. Thus you are likely to say things you wouldn’t have otherwise.

That’s why playing truth or dare is so fun after you’ve used cannabis. You and your partner will get to know whole new sides of yourselves by using cannabis prior to playing a fun game of truth or dare together.

6. Go On a Picnic

Everyone loves a picnic, and sitting in the park with delicious snacks is even better when high.

Impress your partner with your dank snack-preparation skills and satisfy your munchies all in one relaxing date.

A Weed Lover’s Guide to Great Cannabis Date Ideas

No stash is wasted on those most important in your life. With these cannabis-infused date ideas, you’re sure to be high on love.

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