Taking Your Love Life to New Heights? Light Up Your Valentine’s Day with These Cannabis and CBD-Infused Gifts

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If you’re high on love for a cannabis enthusiast, we’ve got you covered this Valentine’s Day.

February 14th is just around the corner, and while partners around the world may be panicking, you know just what makes your special someone smile. The only question: How does one combine cannabis with romance?

Thanks to the immense variety of cannabis products on the market, cannabis and the Patron Saint of Lovers can share a holiday more easily than you’d think. From breakfast in bed to rocking the bed later, cannabis can take every moment a little higher.

We pulled some of the most romantic cannabis gifts on the internet to create the perfect, cannabis-infused Valentine’s Day for you and your significant stoner.

1. Chocolate Covered, Cannabis-Infused Strawberries.

Things that sound too good to be true usually aren’t – but, trust us, these are very real.

Simply insert a CBD tincture into a chocolate dip and serve as a breakfast-in-bed desert to start your day right. Your partner’s inflammation and stress levels will slowly decrease after eating, and you’ll be raking in significant other points before 10 a.m.

2. Cannabis Valentine’s Day Cards

Now that you’ve nailed the entrance, it’s time to further woo your canna-lover by pouring your heart out onto a cannabis-themed card. Check out this pin for inspiration:

For best results, present your flower-inspired love letter on a bouquet of flowers, like this one:

3. The Canna-Candle

What’s a date without atmosphere?

It can be hard to set the mood while stuck at home in a global pandemic, but cannabis makes it a little easier. Fill the room with relaxation and euphoria by keeping a cannabis-infused candle lit as you go about your day. You won’t get high from it, but vendors say they will relieve stress.

You can buy these online, or see how to make your own here:

4. CBD massage oil

Here’s one gift they won’t forget. With CBD-infused massage oil, you can treat your valentine to ultimate relaxation by massaging them with their favorite plant. CBD massages have actually been proven to reduce pain and anxiety, as the pressure of the massage works the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD directly into the skin.

You can purchase CBD massage oil online, or use this DIY guide to make your own:

5. Sex-enhancing CBD tinctures and oils

Want to make that massage extra sensual? CBD can help with that, too.

Just like cannabis strains, certain types of CBD tinctures are marketed as producing unique effects. A quick Google search of sex-enhancing CBD tinctures will yield a plethora of brands promising to increase that “tingly” feeling you want this Valentine’s night by increasing blood flow to tissues. Likewise, CBD arousal oil is marketed as increasing blood flow to the vagina when applied topically, enhancing relaxation and sensitivity during intercourse.

6. CBD/weed lube

After spending the day optimizing relaxation and relieving tension, it’s time to get to work. Close your canna-date with the passion two people who’ve just taken three edibles would exert on a pint of ice cream, powered by CBD or cannabis lube.

Much like sex-enhancing CBD arousal oil, CBD lube is great for relaxing the body and relieving pain during intercourse, according to consumers. If you’re looking for ultimate pleasure-enhancement (i.e., even more tingles), more powerful orgasms and more noticeable arousal, nothing does it better than the THC in “weed lube.”

Elissa Esher is Assistant Editor at GreenState. Her work has also appeared in The Boston Guardian, Brooklyn Paper, Religion Unplugged, and Iridescent Women. Send inquiries and tips to elli.esher@hearst.com.