The Best High Scenes in Film: A Guide for Canna-Film Enthusiasts

Ally Sheedy and Molly Ringwald in a scene from the film ‘The Breakfast Club’, 1985. (Photo by Universal Pictures/Getty Images)

If you’re one of the millions of Americans waiting for your COVID-19 vaccination right now, odds are you’ve been doing one of two things: binging all the movies you’ve had on your quarantine bucket list, or smoking the last of your quarantine hash stash. And, of course, there’s the lucky few of you doing both (no judgment.)

2021’s already been a tough year, so let us help you disassociate one step further: What if you watched people high, while high?

We compiled the best high scenes from films throughout the ages to bring you approximately half an hour of quality, cannabis-infused cinema. Pop an edible and unwind with these hilarious clips next time you need a break from reality – so, probably tonight.

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Disclaimer: Kristen Wiig is, in fact, lighting up with an alien in one of these. You’re not that blitzed.

1. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007), the “you don’t want no part of this” scene

Possibly one of the most elegantly articulated arguments for cannabis legalization, this dialogue between rising talent Dewey Cox (John C. Reilly) and drummer/drug dealer double threat Sam McPherson (Tim Meadows) is a love letter to weed. But, seriously, you don’t want it.

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2. True Romance (1993), the stoner Brad Pitt scenes… every one of them

You’d never guess it now, but one of Brad Pitt’s earliest roles was a stoner named Floyd who is high in every single scene he appears in. Written by Quentin Tarantino before even he was a big deal, the role later inspired a classic cannabis comedy: Pineapple Express.

In this scene, Floyd is visited by a member of the Mob looking to retrieve stolen cocaine – and he couldn’t care less.

3. Friday (1995), the “puff, puff, give” scene

No one can say where the sacred “puff, puff, pass” rule originated from, but we have a good idea it was from this scene. Unlike Smokey (Chris Tucker), though, we recommend you stick to “puff, puff, puffing” until this pandemic is behind us.

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4. The Breakfast Club (1985), the ganja gymnast scene

What strain makes you feel like cartwheeling, we don’t know – but we want some. Packed with ‘80’s jams, teenage hormones, and just about every kind of stoner you’ve ever met, this classic scene is pure aesthetic.

5. 1930’s anti-marijuana propaganda

If you’ve never slipped into the endlessly entertaining vortex that is vintage anti-marijuana propaganda on the internet, we’re about to fix that. What was made to discourage teens from use is now known for its hilariously ridiculous depictions of the effects of cannabis, which most often include (but are not limited to) wild partying and naked dancing.

In this clip, we learn that marijuana drives people to aggressive PDA, then murder.

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6. Half Baked (1998), the flying dog scene

While we don’t support giving your dog a puff, we have to acknowledge this scene. When Scarface’s (Guillermo Díaz) Rottweiler, Killer, whiffs some of his master’s joint, he ascends into the sky and flies over Manhattan. That’s when you know you’ve got the good stuff.

7. Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise (1987), the C-A-T scene

You know what you think you sound like high? This is what you really sound like.

Set on the road to a fraternity convention in Florida, this painfully accurate scene takes place when four rising college students light up and discuss quantum physics and cats.

8. Paul (2011), the scene where Kristen Wiig tries extraterrestrial weed

Clearly, this alien’s world is far more advanced than ours. We can’t blame Ruth (Kristen Wiig) for taking a hit, though – what else would you do on the road from a UFO research camp with an extraterrestrial voiced by Seth Rogen?

9. Up in Smoke (1978), the giant joint scene

Buckle up, this one’s a classic. When Cheech and Chong finally smoke a humongous joint saved for a special occasion, they discover the power of a surprising ingredient that makes their road trip a little trippier than expected. (Do not try this at home.)

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