Should you admit to using cannabis on a dating app profile? We weighed the risks and rewards


As it is, dating can be tough.

With a slew of different dating apps to choose from and a constant stream of profiles to swipe on, it can already be overwhelming trying to find compatible matches online. And sometimes, using cannabis just makes things more complicated.

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You want to be your authentic self — but what if your marijuana use is a deal-breaker for someone? What if it puts off potential matches that would have otherwise been perfect?

If you’re debating whether or not you should say you use cannabis on a dating app, here are some of the pros and cons to consider.


1. It may deter some people from matching with you

While marijuana is becoming legal in more states each year — both recreationally and medically — for some people, marijuana use is an absolute dealbreaker.

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A profile only shows what you put on there, and people decide to swipe right or left in just a few seconds.

For people who say marijuana use is an absolute “no,” indicating in your profile that you use cannabis may lead to an immediate swipe left before they get to know the real you.

This may depend on your age. One study from Hinge showed that for people under age 25, showing they smoke weed in their profiles led to a 10% increase in likes, Mashable reported. However, it had the opposite effect for those 25 and older. For them, it led to a 25% decrease in likes.

2. People may make assumptions about you

People already make snap judgments about you from your profile pictures, and they’ll also be making snap judgments about your cannabis use.

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Whether you use cannabis recreationally on occasion, have a medical marijuana card, or use cannabis daily to kick back and relax, people will make assumptions about your profile and may make a faulty assumption about your cannabis use.

3. You may be opening the door to unwanted criticism

Just because you’re cool with smoking weed doesn’t mean everyone will be. And unfortunately, some people may be more than willing to give you their unwanted opinion about it.

Todd Mitchem, CEO and Co-founder of cannabis-friendly dating app High There!, said he got the idea for his app because he was criticized by a Tinder date for marijuana use, the New York Post reported.

Even though you wouldn’t judge someone for choosing to use cannabis, be ready for some people who may be more than willing to give their two cents about your lifestyle choices.


1. It helps show your authentic self

As the age-old saying goes, honesty is the best policy.

Especially when meeting potential partners online, you want to build a relationship with a foundation of trust. This includes everything from your age, pictures, and yes, marijuana use.

People value authenticity in relationships, so revealing that you use cannabis shows that you’re open and honest — which gains brownie points for many people.

2. You may attract fellow cannabis lovers

According to Statista, 22% of Americans aged 18-29 and 11% of Americans ages 30-49 say they smoke marijuana.

Although indicating you use marijuana may deter some matches, it may lead you to connect with more like-minded individuals who share your love for it. This could lead to better, more compatible matches and keep you from wasting time with other people who aren’t a good fit.

3. It serves as a conversation starter

The more personality you show in your profile, the more unique and appealing you appear to potential matches.

Indicating you use cannabis could lead to good conversations if it’s a shared interest. This gives you and potential matches something to talk about other than just opening with a casual “Hey” or “What’s up” that may get lost in a sea of messages from strangers.

4. It eliminates an awkward conversation later

If you choose not to list that you use weed in your dating profile and instead decide to tell people after you start messaging — or in person — it could lead a spark to sizzle out soon after.

This can be frustrating if you match with someone and feel like you hit it off, only for them to shut down the connection when you open up about your marijuana use.

5. Could be a great activity to share with matches

If smoking weed together and watching a movie sounds like an ideal first date to you, you’re likely not alone.

If it’s a mutual interest, indicating you use marijuana could open the door for a great first date for you and your next match. You could head to a dispensary together, pick out some bud, and enjoy a smoke session while getting to know one another.

The Bottom Line

While saying you use cannabis in your dating profile could deter some potential matches, it may also help you find someone who shares your enjoyment and is overall more compatible.

If finding a fellow cannabis lover is important to you, consider looking for apps with related filters or getting on an app designed for those who are 4/20 friendly. High There, 420 Singles, and My420Mate, for example, are all made for cannabis-loving singles to connect.

Kassidy Vavra