Queen of Hope: or ‘How I learned to stop hating CBD’

Queen of Hope - Swami Select buds ripen in the fall sun. | Photo: David Downs
Swami Select buds ripen in the fall sun. | Photo: David Downs

More and more seniors and atypical cannabis users might be flocking to no-high marijuana products rich in cannabidiol. But among connoisseurs, CBD is seen as something to be avoided, because in dampens or eliminates the euphoric effect of THC.

“Screw CBD … [I] was just looking for the high,” says Ellen Holland, the senior editor of the Berkeley-based Cannabis Now Magazine.

But as she’s gotten a little older, Holland and other veteran tokers are finding a role for CBD in their cannabis kits.

In fact, one of her favorite strains is now Mendocino-grown Queen of Hope, from the brand Swami Select.  

“The smell is almost like a green tea,” Holland pointed out excitedly, cracking a lid on the jar in her office on a sunny afternoon. “It doesn’t smell like it’s going to blow you out of the water.”

Queen of Hope, which can be found all across the state where Swami Select is carried, is not only soothing, it’s grown sustainably in small batches by artisan farmers: important facets of conscious cannabis consumption in 2018.

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