The Green Rush Podcast: Interview with Kristi Palmer, Co-Founder of Kiva Confections (Advertising Feature)

Welcome to the Green Rush, a KCSA Strategic Communications Production, and a weekly conversation hosted by Anne Donohoe and Nick Opich.

This week Anne and Nick are back for a new episode with special guest Kristi Palmer, Co-Founder of Kiva Confections an award-winning edible brand producing some of yours and ours favorite chocolates, mints, chews and gummies. Founded in 2010, Kiva is dominating the edibles sector with products available at hundreds of dispensaries across nine states.

In this episode, Anne and Nick connect with Kristi to learn about Kiva’s path to success and how the brand has been able to thrive in a highly competitive marketplace. The trio also discuss Kiva’s decision to stay private, how Biden’s recent announcement will affect the industry and what Kristi is most looking forward to as we head towards 2023.

So sit back and enjoy our conversation with Kristi Palmer, Co-Founder of Kiva Confections.

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An Advertising Feature means this post did not originate from the newsroom but rather was inspired by the sales department. It is not a paid post, but the sales team and their clients may benefit from increased readership of this relevant content.