Fatherhood made Zion-I rapper MC Zumbi a fan of the ‘microdose’

MC Zumbi, of veteran Oakland hip-hop act Zion-I.
MC Zumbi, of veteran Oakland hip-hop act Zion-I.

More and more people are ready to try cannabis-infused food, but they’re worried about getting the dosing right. They’re not alone.

Even veteran Bay Area rapper MC Zumbi (born Steve Gaines) — who has spent 17 years in the entertainment field — needs to keep focused.

As a dad and businessperson, Zumbi wants to stay functional and present, even if he’s using cannabis. And the best way he’s found to do that is low-dose “Petra” Mints, created by Kiva Confections of Oakland.

“Right now, this is my elixir, man,” he said.

Kiva Petras are often marketed towards novices and atypical cannabis users scared of the botanical. But the veteran of ten rap LPs and countless world tours loves them, too.

Taking small doses of cannabis is catching on as so-called “microdosing.” Each mint contains a very manageable 2.5 milligrams of THC, the main active ingredient in cannabis. That’s about one quarter of a standard “dose” of cannabis (10 mg).

As Zumbi points out, “I can take one and barely feel it. My eyes aren’t red. I’m completely operational.”

“As an adult now trying to be more aware of myself — I just like the smaller doses.”

Listen in as Zumbi details why he loves Petra mints so much in The Hash’s recurring segment “What’s In Your Canna-Kit?”

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