Weed around the world: Where you can, and cannot find cannabis outside of the U.S.

Weed Around the World

With changes to laws and the ability to grow more weed, the marijuana market is bringing in almost 18 million dollars a year. Curbside pickup, online order, and delivery are being used more than ever, allowing consumers to get their product even when storefronts might be closed.

Because of the ease of getting products in the United States, you might think that the rest of the world is quickly catching up concerning marijuana laws. However, before you start smoking pot on vacation, you might want to ask yourself in what countries is marijuana legal.

Continue reading for a quick guide into how the international weed market has grown, and where you can safely light up or consume edibles.

North America

While cannabis is still illegal in the United States under federal law, there are many states that have passed individual laws. Some states like Washington and Oregon have made weed fully legal, as long as you follow the law as you consume. Things like driving under the influence are still illegal.

Other states such as Florida and Texas have passed laws for medical use only.

If you want to smoke in Canada, feel free. It was legalized in 2018. While it’s not legal in Mexico yet, private use of under 5 grams has been decriminalized.

South America

Many South American countries have decriminalized marijuana use, made medical marijuana okay for consumption and others have completely legalized it.

Uruguay became the first South American country to legalize pot for those 18 and older, as long as you make sure you register to buy or sell the product. Argentina provides medical marijuana for free.

In Columbia, you can grow up to 20 plants and it is decriminalized for up to 20 grams.

Weed in Europe

Cannabis has been legal to smoke in coffee shops for years in the Netherlands and you can hit up Amsterdam weed cafes throughout the city when you visit. If you need someone to show you how to clean a bong, chances are you can find them there.

Portugal decriminalized all drugs so you can’t serve prison time for possession. However, you still can expect to follow other laws in regards to public behavior while you are using.

Other European countries like Switzerland, Russia, and Croatia allow for small amounts of weed in your possession.


While it is illegal to smoke pot in public, you will find food infused with pot sold in several Asian countries. Cambodia marks those meals as “Happy,” to let people know they contain the drug. Laos also does the same, but you shouldn’t try to find a street vendor selling it for smoking or you may be in trouble.

Mow the Grass Somewhere New

Now that you know where it’s okay to use weed around the world, you can plan ahead. Marijuana laws are changing so if your favorite vacation spot isn’t on the map yet, it could be in just a few years. For now, enjoy somewhere new where you can still fire one up.

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