Top-Rated Cannabis Tours for Your California Bucket List


After two years stuck inside, the tourism industry is hot, hot, hot. But the pandemic didn’t just teach us how much we love a change of scenery. It also reminded us of how much we love weed.

Since the beginning of 2020, many new states have legalized recreational marijuana, and because of that, cannabis has become a bigger part of what people look for as they travel. As one of the first states to embrace weed legalization, it’s no surprise that cannatourism in California is top-notch.

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California boasts a plethora of 420 friendly hotels and cannabis lounges. But the most unique canna-tourist activity to check off your bucket list may be cannatours – tours designed for the express purpose of getting high along the way.

Oh, and you might also visit cannabis production facilities, too.

Here are some of the top-rated cannabis tours in California.

GreenTours, Los Angeles

GreenTours is one of Los Angeles’ best high-end cannabis tour companies, giving you lots of choices for where you want to go and what you want to do. With LA being one of the most fascinating and action-packed cities in the country, it’s hard to make a wrong decision on which tour to take.

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All of the tours start at one of LA’s boutique dispensaries, where you can pick up whatever cannabis products you’ll need to last you through the tour. After that, you might end up at a glass blowing demonstration, an art gallery, museums, or a weed production facility, depending on what you and your group are feeling.

Cannabis-Infused City Cruise, San Francisco

San Francisco has a long history when it comes to being a weed-friendly city in America. It also happens to be one of the coolest and most beautiful cities in California, so it’s hard to imagine a better place for a pot tour.

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For a “high” class experience, try the Cannabis-Infused City Cruise by Emerald Farms. This tour will sit you in a luxury limo and take you by San Fran’s most famous places and weed-oriented attractions. Not only is it a great way to see a great city, but you’ll meet a lot of local cannabis pioneers and enthusiasts while getting VIP service and a big dispensary discount.

CannaVines, San Francisco

While you’re in the Bay area, you should also consider the CannaVines wine and weed tour. Since Northern California is such a wine-centric place, it makes total sense to combine weed and wine on a leisurely, four-hour tour through the area.

The tour starts at the Oakland Cannabis Creative, where you’ll get to try the famous CannaVines weed-infused wine. After that, you’ll pit stop at a dispensary to pick up whatever you need, then start cruising around to some of the best wineries in the country. The wineries are amazing and the weed is potent, but you’ll also be taken by the local scenery.


There’s no shortage of cannabis tours in California, but these are a few of our favorites. If you’ve got a bit of time in the Golden State, then why not hit all of them? We can’t think of a better way to see and experience California.

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