Trippin’ with The Ganja Traveler series set to explore cannabis-friendly destinations

trippin with the ganja traveler

Trippin’ with The Ganja Traveler is a new kind of curated cannabis travel offering. Trippin’ with The Ganja Traveler is a series of bespoke cannabis travel itineraries dedicated to showcasing the best cannabis-friendly destinations, trips, getaways, attractions, experiences, and accommodations available today, for the cannabis-minded traveler. 

From lounges to attraction-style shops to infused spa and culinary experiences – cannabis travel is rapidly evolving. Discover what’s possible today and enjoy exploring the new frontier of cannabis travel by Trippin’ with The Ganja Traveler. Go down a few rabbit holes, find your vibe and enjoy.

Know Before You Go

Modern day cannabis travel offers a wide range of experiences including transformative journey’s and sensory-rich activities experienced in an altered state. Tuning in and prioritizing your approach to safety, mindset and setting, and flow state, are a must. As part of your travels, consider the below travel tips to help create the most enjoyable and meaningful cannabis adventure possible.

  • Choose to stay at cannabis-friendly hotels. Support businesses that are inclusive.
  • In certain destinations cell phone service is spotty. Embrace and enjoy it.
  • Time is often fluid in cannabis culture. Prepare to go with the flow.
  • Be safe. Err on the side of caution. Contact a ride share, if need be.
  • When consuming activated THC-rich cannabis Start Low and Go Slow, always.
  • Do not drive while intoxicated in any way.
  • Consume cannabis with intention. Be mindful of WHY you’re consuming and consider your setting.
  • Prepare to be inspired. Take 15 minutes each day to journal and create.
  • Choose experiences that are outside of your comfort zone. That is the essence of travel.
  • Bring an open and curious mind. Make it a priority to connect with the locals.

Ganja Traveler Mindset

The nine pillars of The Ganja Traveler mindset help set the stage for an extraordinary travel experience. Cannabis, when approached with intention and coupled with new and invigorating settings, can foster well-being and balance. Inspiration, creativity, laughter, and fresh perspectives are all part of the cannabis travel mix. As you embark on your journey, consider the nine pillars of The Ganja Traveler mindset.

  • Travel for Well-being. Uplift your quality of life by approaching travel as a vehicle to rebalance.
  • Value context. Know the ‘Why’ behind the culture and place. It will enrich your destination experience.
  • See beauty in difference. Approach all experiences with curiosity and wonder, seek to understand.  
  • Stay hydrated and satisfied. Carry water, munchie snacks and gum with you at all times.
  • Journal and create. Being in a new place offers a fresh perspective. Experience, contemplate, rebalance.
  • Head-up and wander. Put the phone away as much as possible. Follow your nose and stumble into things. 
  • Honor cultural heritage. Respect those that came before now, their contribution and culture to the place.
  • Everything in moderation, even moderation. Seek flow and balance. Stay safe and grounded.
  • Invest in the place. Support the wellness of the local community. Giveback.

The Ganja Traveler is a like-minded community that prefers travel adventures where cannabis is easily accessible and well-integrated into the destination experience. We invite you to join our cannabis travel community and stay up-to-date on the exciting new frontier of cannabis experiences for visitors. 

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brian applegarth

is a cannabis travel writer and innovator with a passion for transformative experiences and cultural heritage. He has written for San Francisco Travel, Visit Oakland, Local Getaways, Skunk Magazine, Visit Greater Palm Springs, Visit Mendocino County, and others. He has been quoted in Forbes, The Washington Post, Smart Meetings, Travel Weekly and elsewhere, and his award-winning cannabis travel work has been featured on NPR, CBS, NBC, and The New York Times. Brian is the founder of the Cannabis Travel Association and the co-founder of the CA State Fair Cannabis Awards & Exhibit. He is a consultant to the travel and cannabis industries and a certified cannabis sommelier Ganjier. IG - @theganjatraveler