These slopes are dope: Top cannabis-friendly ski towns in the U.S.


What’s better than a vacation? A vacation with weed, of course.

After nearly two years of social distancing, many of us are getting the urge to travel again, and a whopping 18% of Americans have expressed interest in cannabis-related tourism. Now that cannabis is fully legal in 18 states, that dream can become a reality.

Cannabis tours, CBD oil massages, and 420-friendly hotels have all sprung up in the past few years. This winter, you could make your ski vacation a little greener, too.

We broke down the best ski towns for a 420-friendly winter getaway.

Breckenridge/Summit County, Colorado

For the holy grail of great slopes and ganja, look no further than Breckenridge, Colorado.

Along Airport Road, a bit north of Breckenridge, you’ll find high-quality dispensaries for both medical to recreational cannabis products. You’ll also find ski lodges, hotels, and private residences for rent that allow pot smoking on property or outdoors with discretion. Not to mention the over 3,000 acres of slopes to explore for every level of skiing.

But if you’re looking for something even more bud-friendly, explore nearby Dillon, CO, in Summit County. In September 2020, the town of Dillon opted to approve marijuana lounges so dispensaries could have their customers enjoy the product on-site. You can hit the slopes by day in Dillon and light up at a cannabis lounge in the evening.

In Summit County, you’ll get access to the fantastic peaks in Keystone, Copper Mountain, A-Basin, and even nearby Vail. No matter where you choose to go, you’ll find incredible skiing, great mountain-town vibes, and access to plenty of marijuana.

Bend and Mt. Bachelor, Oregon

Already traversed Breckenridge and ready for a new adventure? Check out the hidden gem of Mt. Bachelor in Oregon.

Most people opt to stay in Bend, Oregon and take the 20-mile drive to Mt. Bachelor to hit the slopes. You’ll have ample access to many local dispensaries if you choose to stay here. After all, they have an entire page dedicated to cannabis on their tourism website.

Mt. Bachelor is located on federal property, so you can’t light up near the slopes or on the mountain. And while possessing weed is legal in Oregon, smoking it in public is not. But if you manage to book a weed-friendly private rental or bud and breakfast location to smoke in private, you’ll be in the clear.

Winter Park, Colorado

Winter Park, Colorado, is a premier adventure town for all things winter fun (which, of course, includes cannabis). It’s an excellent yet underrated 420 travel destination with access to numerous dispensaries and fewer crowds.

Winter Park has something for everyone—from the avid skier looking for choppy moguls to the beginner starting on the bunny slopes. You’ll have access to other great winter sports as well.

Once you’re ready to unwind after a long day on the slopes, you’ll only have to travel a mile to kick back at this nearby cannabis-friendly lodge. They’ve got some excellent cannabis services to offer, like a cannabis-infused massage to relax after your long day of skiing. Or start the party early with their airport pickup service that stops at a local dispensary along the way.

Up-and-Coming 420-Friendly Ski Resort Areas

Look out for the following fantastic ski resorts that will likely start going green soon.

New Mexico recently legalized recreational cannabis, meaning Taos Ski Valley will soon be a much more cannabis-friendly ski destination. This location is great for advanced skiers looking for a challenge, and the town of Taos is home to quite a few dispensaries.

Big Sky, Montana is another beautiful ski location to look out for. Montana legalized recreational cannabis in 2020, but the state is still in the early stages of licensing dispensaries. But some dispensaries are starting to open up, and medicinal facilities are already running, so it’s likely we’ll see Big Sky become a little more stoner-friendly soon.


Wherever you choose to take your 420 ski vacation, make sure to get familiar with state and local laws before you visit, especially in areas not on this list. And as always, make sure to stay safe when combining your cannabis consumption and participation in the sport to prevent injury. Many ski resorts are on federal land where marijuana consumption is illegal, so be sure to read the fine print before attempting to infuse weed into any part of your vacation.

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