GreenState cannabis rankings: best-selling brands in Illinois

best cannabis in illinois

Illinois became an oasis of cannabis sales in the Midwest after adult-use dispensaries opened in 2020. The Prairie State brought in $1.5 billion in 2023 alone, partly thanks to traffic from tourists and weed fans from neighboring Wisconsin and Indiana. Despite having some of the highest cannabis taxes in the nation, Illinois has seen impressive growth in its market. But what brands are coming out on top?

GreenState analyzed dispensary menu and sales tracking data from Hoodie Analytics spanning January to October 2023 to find the top-selling cannabis brands in Illinois. According to Hoodie’s numbers, multi-state operators dominate the scene with their vertically integrated brands and vast market share. From flower to concentrates, here are the best cannabis brands in Illinois by sales.

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Best-selling flower in Illinois – High Supply

high supply
Hybrid flower from High Supply.

High Supply bills itself as “a sidekick for the stuff that matters.” The straightforward brand from Cresco offers whole flower as well as popcorn nugs and shake, appealing to a wide range of budgets. The number of High Supply strains on dispensary shelves in Illinois is staggering, with everything from classics like Triangle Kush to hype strains such as Slurricrasher available.

2nd place: Ozone

3rd place: Rhythm

Best-selling edibles in Illinois – incredibles

incredibles edibles best cannabis in illinois
A selection of edibles from Incredibles. Photo: incredibles

With an extensive line of chocolates, gummies, mints, and hard candies, incredibles has a flavor for any occasion. The brand has a dizzying number of SKUs, including products with minor cannabinoid blends such as CBN for sleep and THCV for focus. incredibles has won multiple accolades for its confections, including High Times Cannabis Cups and Best of Chicago nods.

2nd place: Encore Edibles

3rd place: Wana

Best-selling pre-rolls in Illinois – Dogwalkers

dogwalkers prerolls best cannabis in illinois
Dogwalkers pre-roll joints. Photo: Dogwalkers

Dogwalkers are the perfect companion for cannabis consumers of all types. The mini joints are ideal for a quick stroll or a solo sesh. The brand does offer Big Dog pre-rolls for folks on a “longer walk” and Show Dog infused joints for a high-potency punch. Available in dozens of strains, including Sour Diesel, Animal Face, and Kosher Kush, Dogwalkers are a convenient way to catch a buzz. 

2nd: Verano

3rd: Ozone

Best-selling vapes in Illinois – &Shine

&shine vape best cannabis in illinois
Hybrid vape cart from &Shine. Photo: &Shine

Budget-friendly vape brand &Shine is all about helping consumers find their vibe. Many of the 510-carts and all-in-one disposables are effects-based, with products to “de-stress,” “energize,” and “sleep,” to name a few. &Shine also offers edibles and flower, but it’s the brand’s vapes that lead the pack in Illinois.

2nd place: Cresco

3rd place: Select

Best-selling concentrates in Illinois – Aeriz

aeriz concentrates best cannabis in illinois
Live Diamonds & Sauce from Aeriz. Photo: Aeriz

Aeriz is a multi-state cannabis brand best known for its aeroponic (aka soilless) growing method. While its flower may be front and center, the brand’s concentrates are what Illinoisans are most excited about. Available in several consistencies, such as live rosin, diamonds, and badder, Aeriz offers fire dabs at every price point—the MAC1 looks especially tasty.

2nd place: Revolution Cannabis

3rd place: Progressive Treatment Solutions

Illinois is one of the biggest cannabis markets in the Midwest, continuing to grow year after year. And while prices may be high, that’s not stopping consumers from shopping (and getting equally high themselves).


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