Rainbow Belts strain: weed with full-spectrum flavor

rainbow belts strain

There are some special cannabis hybrids, like the Rainbow Belts strain. This class of weed sits right in the middle of the spectrum, not heavy or energizing. The weed variety is almost neutralizing with the slightest air of a silly high.

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Rainbow Belts is a cross of Moonbow and Zkittles. Zkittles is also a parent of Moonbow along with Do-Si-Dos, making this a rainbow explosion. The cross was imagined by Archive Seed Bank, a breeder who has fortified the genetics for three iterations.

According to the Archive Seed website, Rainbow Belts was bred to bring a strong Zkittles terpene profile of humulene, limonene, pinene, and myrcene. Rainbow Belts 3.0 crosses a preferred Rainbow Belts plant back with Moonbow 112 for an herbaceous lime flavor and a comfortably placating high.

rainbow belts strain
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Look and smell of Rainbow Belts strain

The Rainbow Belts strain has sparkling purple buds with a smell that’s got a bite. Each nug is dense with tightly packed plum-colored leaves featuring a forest green tinge. This variety grows buds shaped like little evergreen trees, wide on the bottom with a tiny tip up top. The trichomes are bountiful and gorgeous on the Rainbow Belts flower from Freya Farm procured by GreenState.

As for the scent, freshly squeezed lime juice is the first overpowering note. This intermingles with a musky caryophyllene aroma that becomes an herbaceous assault on the senses. The smell of Rainbow Belts is pleasantly individual.

Rainbow Belts strain effect

Rainbow Belts is an even hybrid with strong relaxing distant parentage, which translates into the effects. The cannabis strain evokes the chillest of vibes with a present mind, the best of indica strains and sativa strains combined.

Immediately after hitting Rainbow Belts, a heaviness comes into the eyes. Simultaneously, the corners of the mouth pull up, and levity hits the mind. The hybrid is relaxed but not overtly intense or stoney, though it has scatterbrained energy. There is minimal body high with this at first, though there is some settling into the muscles about thirty minutes in.

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rainbow belts strain
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The mellow mood Rainbow Belts brings makes sense with genetics like Rainbow Belts, whose distant relatives include Grape Ape, Face Off OG, and OG Kush Breath. On the upside is Grapefruit, lending its bright citrus profile and uplifting, clear-headed effects.

This strain is often touted as an ideal choice for social gatherings as it can inspire giggles and silliness that make for a memorable outing. It has also been recommended for outdoor activities like hiking and sitting as co-pilot for a boat ride.

From the look to the feel, Rainbow Belts was crafted intentionally by Archive Seed Bank. The breeding also solidified how the plant grows, making it a common choice in adult-use markets.

Grow guide: Rainbow Belts strain

Rainbow Belts strain is beginner-friendly to grow. With attention and care, success can be easy with this hybrid. Grow it in or outdoors, but the size and reach will vary based on whether it’s a first, second, or third-generation seed.

Online cultivation source SeedFinder lists Rainbow Belts 1.0 as moderately tall and stretchy, while 2.0 is more compact. The second generation flowers faster with larger buds than the first. Rainbow Belts 3.0 is big and bushy, with more resinous buds than the first two iterations. This makes it ideal for hash production. Rainbow Belts 1.0 is the only feminized seed available of the three, which may impact which is chosen.

The variety prefers warm, dry climates with lots of light. Opt for sandy soil or hydroponic setups with a slight acidity (6.0 – 7.0 pH). Meanwhile, in veg, these plants take a lot of water and nutrients, and flower lasts anywhere from eight to 10 weeks (58 to 67 days).

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Rainbow Belts strain FAQ

There are many questions about this hybrid, including where it comes from and how it feels. Let’s answer the frequently asked questions about the Rainbow Belts strain.

What does Rainbow Belts taste like?

Lime is the prominent flavor in Rainbow Belts, which has slight notes of musk and grape.

What cross is Rainbow Belts?

Rainbow Belts crosses Moonbow 112 with Zkittles. Moonbow 112 is a cross of Do-Si-Dos and Zkittles, which has parentage of Face Off OG, OG Kush Breath, Grape Ape, and Grapefruit.

What is Rainbow Belts strain flower time?

Rainbow Belts cannabis plants flower in eight to 10 weeks or 58 to 67 days.

Taste the Rainbow Belts

Those who have the option to test out a batch of Rainbow Belts cannabis should do it. The buds are beautiful, the scent is enticing, and the effects are a groovy good time. All in all, the Zkittles-heavy hybrid is not only one to remember, it may be worth a spot on the regular lineup.

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