Cannabis Directory – Find dispensaries in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and the New York Capital Region


Are you searching for a top-rated cannabis dispensary near you? Feeling overwhelmed by so many options in your area, but not quite sure where to go? Sick of traveling in a car for hours? Well we’ve got you covered!

Location is cannabis users’ number one concern when choosing a dispensary. We’ve stepped in to make finding nearby dispensaries a little easier. GreenState’s cannabis directory is a searchable and interactive map of cannabis dispensaries in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and the NY Capital Region. This interactive directory showcases some of the highest-ranked cannabis dispensaries across these three states – each with a rating well over 4.5 stars!

Please note: the use and sale of recreational cannabis is legal in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York. However, the rules do vary in terms of how and where marijuana can be sold, how much is allowed for personal consumption, and how it can be delivered. For more information, check the rules by clicking your state below.

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Bookmark this page and check back often for updates for continuously updated directory information on top-ranked dispensaries in this region.