19 Father’s Day gifts for your pot-friendly papa

bearded man smoking father's day gift guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner. While many people fall back on staples like grill supplies, tackle boxes, and camping gear, you may be seeking something a little more outside the norm—especially if pops is pro-pot.

From dugouts to dank bud, here are 19 of our top Father’s Day gifts for your dope dad.

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Flower and vapes

Familar products for the toking fathers

Dad Grass flower


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Vintage branding and terpalicious products make Dad Grass a winner for any flower fan. Offering sungrown CBD and CBG strains, Dad Grass comes in fun, discreet tins perfect for the man cave or cabin. Available nationwide.

Kynd flower


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Developed by an award-winning West Coast team, Kynd delivers masterfully grown and cared-for strains that are pure and potent. Featuring old-school genetics as well as new classics, Kynd has something for every stoner dad. Available in FL, IL, MA, NV, NJ, and PA.

Bloom vapes


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Is dad more of a discreet consumer? Bloom is the brand for him. The California-based company has a wide range of disposable vapes, including a dizzying selection of live resin and rosin. From old favorites like Jack Herer and Blue Dream to hype varieties such as Apple Fritter, all the bases are covered. Available in CA, IL, NM, OK, and MA

Sluggers Hit joints


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For the baseball fan, or lover of potent weed, Sluggers is the perfect pick. The brand sells multipacks of natural and “juiced” joints, with the latter triple-infused with liquid diamonds and rolled in kief. Each pack comes with a unique trading card that’ll fit right in with dad’s cherished Mickey Mantle and Kirby Puckett. Available in California.

Edibles and drinks

Tasty treats and refreshing bevs any dad will love.

Binske gummies and chocolates


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Exquisitely crafted and bursting with flavor, the Binske line of gummies and chocolates is sure to impress. The high-end packaging is almost too cool to throw away. Not only will that dazzle dad, the delicious treats inside will keep him perfectly medicated, too. Available in CA, CO, FL, MI, NV, and WA.

Zenn THC Tonics


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Dads are often depicted as drinking a cold brew, but the proliferation of THC beverages has seen a shift from beer to bubbly bud. Zenn THC Tonics, made by Venn Brewing, contain 5mg of hemp-derived THC per can. The Paloma is particularly refreshing and will instantly transport the old man to a Latin paradise. Available nationwide via Superior Molecular.

Betty Good Times fruit chews


betty's good times edibles father's day gift guide

Low-dose and flavor-packed, this ode to salt-water taffies is like nothing dad’s ever known. Betty’s Good Times chews use real fruit bits in their strawberry or peach mango taffies, so his sweet tooth is slaked while his mood is brightened. Available in MA, MD, ME, DE, and PR.

Sota Drops beverage enhancers

sota drops

For the father who knows what he likes but wants an extra kick, Sota Drops are the answer. These water-soluble beverage enhancers are incredibly easy to use: just twist, drop, and reseal. Sota Drops come in a variety of hemp-derived cannabinoid blends, including CBD, CBN, and THC. Available nationwide.

Books and subscriptions

Keeping your dad highly educated.

Ed Rosenthal book bundle


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Ed Rosenthal is the OG cannabis-growing guru. His multitude of guides, articles, and musings have inspired generations of home growers. Help your dad brush up on his garden knowledge with a selection of Ed’s reading material. The Prisoners of Weed reading pack has three books and comes with a bonus pack of seeds to help kickstart your father’s cultivation adventures.

Weed: A Connoisseur’s Guide to Cannabis book


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For discerning fans of the eponymous plant, Weed: A Connoisseur’s Guide to Cannabis is a must-have. Covering the entire cannabis life cycle, the plant’s many compounds, and a variety of ways to appreciate bud in everyday life, author Ellen Holland’s wonderful tribute to pot is something any dad would be proud to prominently display.

Fruit + Flower Unfurled subscription

fruit and flower unfurled

Foodie fathers who enjoy eating their greens will love a premium subscription to Christina Wong’s Fruit + Flower Unfurled Substack. Bursting with innovative recipes, how-tos, and musings on cannabis culture, this newsletter is the gift that keeps on giving (who knows—you may just reap some of the tasty benefits!) 


Pipes and vaporizers sure to get dad lifted.

Dynavap Dugout bundle


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Dugouts are a timeless tradition for seasoned cannabis consumers. Give your dad an updated rendition of the classic one-hitter with the Dynavap “M” Plus Starter Pack. The Dynavap is an innovative stainless steel dry herb vaporizer that mimics the design of a hitter but with a smoother draw.

Mighty+ dry herb vaporizer


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Storz and Bickel are known for their groundbreaking Volcano desktop vaporizer, but the Mighty+ will let your father enjoy the experience on the go. Whether he’s in the backyard or out on the boat, this German-engineered device is worth every penny.

Puffco Proxy with Wizard glass e-rig


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The Puffco Proxy with Wizard glass gives major Gandalf vibes. The Proxy device is modular, and its original Sherlock glass will bring your dad back to the days of old. The Wizard glass takes things to the next level, transporting pops to a land of hobbits and orcs.

Hitoki Saber dry herb vape


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If your dad is more Star Wars than Lord of the Rings, the Hitoki Saber will definitely have him feeling the Force. Using cutting-edge laser technology to heat dry flower, this futuristic bong now has a portable glass attachment so you can take your Saber all across the galaxy.


A little something special for the weed dad in your life.

Stashlogix storage solutions


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Elevate your dad’s weed storage game with Stashlogix. These sleek, smell-proof containers come in a variety of styles and feature locks to prevent curious kids (and greedy friends) from getting inside. Perfect for home, the cabin, or anywhere in between.

Kone-Tiki joint maker


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Great for dad’s who want a convenient way to  make a joint, the Kone-Tiki creates the perfect cone every time. With fun island branding and a simple-to-use design, this slick filling device is also a wonderful option for folks who may struggle with traditional papers due to hand mobility issues.

Flower Mill grinder


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Make sure dad has everything he needs to enjoy his bud by picking up a Flower Mill grinder. These hip and heavy-duty grinders gently break flower apart without the use of sharp teeth, ensuring trichomes stay put.

Grasslands x Alpine Hemp hat

grasslands hemp hat

Perfect for the discerning stoner dad who prefers to stay in the IYKYK camp, the Grasslands x Alpine Hemp baseball hat provides a cool yet low-key tribute to the cannabis space that’s great for the golf course, the ballpark, and beyond. One dollar from each sale is donated to support criminal justice journalism through the Marshall Project, meaning your gift can do good beyond the smile you’ll put on your father’s face.

Cannabis is a great way to connect with your dad, whether it’s Father’s Day or not. By giving pops one of these weed-friendly gifts, you’re sure to help him appreciate the plant that much more.


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