Cotton Candy strain: the forgotten dessert weed

cotton candy strain

At one time, the Cotton Candy strain, also called Cotton Candy Kush, was weed found in every medical shop. Now it’s ironic—as dessert strains take over the market, Cotton Candy is a rare treat to find at adult-use shops. The hybrid is called indica dominant, but there’s certainly a present buzz that brings in the sativa energy.

Whether the effects are deep and relaxing or euphoric and silly, everyone can agree Cotton Candy is a classic strain to remember. The strain has history and a scent and flavor worthy of a chocolate raspberry cake. Let’s deep dive into the Cotton Candy strain.

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Cotton Candy strain

History of the Cotton Candy strain

Delicious S, a Spanish breeder that still has a prominent online seed shop, created Cotton Candy Kush. The seed bank has been on the scene since 2010. They specialize in flavorful, fragrant strains and are still known for that with beloved flavors like Sugar Black Rose and, of course, Cotton Candy.

The Cotton Candy strain is a cross between the classic indica strain Lavender and Power Plant, a sativa hybrid from South Africa. , The plant ends up promoting effects that fall anywhere between an even hybrid to a relaxed, indica hybrid depending on how and where the plant is grown.

Cotton Candy strain smell, look, and taste

This cannabis hybrid grows kelly green buds with a sweet scent. Cotton Candy buds can be almost round with fire-orange hairs, thick at the bottom, or pointed on top. The flower is a combination density, it’s easy to grind with your fingers as long as it’s not too sticky. Unfortunately for those who pick bud apart with their fingers, Cotton Candy is a pretty sticky, trichome-covered strain.

The weed gets its name from its smell, which is sweet, almost like berry candy. The straightforward scent and flavor speak to its lineage, consisting of florals and spiced black pepper. Cotton Candy invokes the scent of ripe blackberries growing on wet earth, a pleasant combination reminiscent of the final days of berry season in the Pacific Northwest.

As far as how it tastes, this one is definitely for the sweet tooths in the room. The Cotton Candy strain has an earthen cocoa flavor lined with candied berries. The flavor is straightforward, and just as enjoyable as the effects.

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Cotton Candy strain

Effects of Cotton Candy

This weed variety is perfect for those who love a puff that takes them just a little more relaxed than neutral. Many call Cotton Candy indica dominant, but the indica intensity depends on myriad factors. Various growing methods will create more terpenes or help the plant develop a richer cannabinoid content; the environment plays a role, too. Because of this, the effects of Cotton Candy can range from a chill hybrid to a heavy indica.

Experiencing a Cotton Candy strain is almost always silly, filled with giggles and conversations that are just a little too hilarious. Some people experience euphoria after smoking or vaping. The strain also may bring on a gentle body effect that relaxes tense muscles and relieves a stressed-out mind. On the flip side, the indica hybrid sometimes also brings on dry eyes and mouth. Some also experience paranoia after inhaling Cotton Candy Kush.

Cotton Candy strain imposters

There is an anomaly in the cannabis industry that has gotten less prominent, but still happens, and that is the act of changing strain names rather than keeping them true to the lineage. It seems that Verano changed a phenotype of a well-known strain to Cotton Candy. However, it’s unclear exactly what the original strain was.

Taking to Reddit, the Verano Cotton Candy is either Birthday Cake or more likely, Confetti Kush Cake, which is a cross of Birthday Cake and Gelato. One user learned from asking the Illinois Trees weed Reddit thread that Verano Cotton Candy in that state might be Birthday Cake. However, this may be incorrect.

The Florida Trees forum also popped off about the new Cotton Candy last year, with some sharing frustration about changing strain names without warning. In the New Jersey thread one commenter shared, “Don’t taste nothing like cc, but a decent smoke.” All this to say, if you think you’ve found Cotton Candy, ask a few more questions before believing it’s the classic Delicious Seeds version.

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Lunch pick up turned amazing when medtender said they had Cotton Candy & found it was tier 1 (not on the online menu) I got the pre rolls when they dropped & loved them. Plus Cherry Punch rosin at 80% off, not mad either 😍
byu/kushmoonqueen inFLMedicalTrees

Cotton Candy is a sweet delight

Cotton Candy has a scent and flavor as sweet as the name implies, with just as memorable effects. The original version of the cannabis strain may differ from those found in the current market, though, so always ask the budtender about lineage before trusting you’ve found the golden goose.

Those who get their hands on true Cotton Candy are in for a treat, with airy but full sparkling buds with the power of an indica hybrid. Those seeking to relax, enjoy time with friends, or have an extra silly brunch may want to seek out a batch of old-school Cotton Candy.

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