The best weed jars to keep your stash fresh

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How and where to store your weed are issues that cannabis connoisseurs everywhere have problems with. Some people keep their herbs in the original packaging, in a plastic bag, a plastic jar, and more—none of which are realistically ideal for weed storage.

Weed needs to be stored in a certain way so that it does not degrade. It needs to be kept away from light, moisture, and UV rays, plus it requires the right temperature and humidity.

If you store your weed properly, it could last for at least a year. However, this means that you need to have the right kind of weed jar or storage container, and this is exactly what we are here to help you find today.

There are hundreds of weed jars out there, and this can make coming to a final decision somewhat difficult, but we are here to help you narrow down the selection. First, we’ll take a closer look at the proper way to store your weed and why it’s so important, and then we’ll take a look at some of the very best weed jars that the market has to offer.

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Key Takeaways

  •   Keeping your weed properly stored is essential to prevent the THC from degrading and the herbs from going bad.
  •   Exposure to ultraviolet rays, extreme temperatures, high or low moisture levels, and oxygen can all cause your weed to go bad and THC to degrade.
  •   Knowing what the best jars for weed are will allow you to properly store your herb so it stays in good condition for much longer.

A Quick Look at the Best Weed Jars

Here is a quick look at the best storage jars for your weed.

  1.   Fujima Dank Tank
  2.   FashionCraft Strawberry Stash Jar
  3.   DankStop Mini Silicone Jar
  4.   Blue Bus Fine Tools Bunker Stash Jar
  5.   Canada Puffin Jasper Storage Jar
  6.   DankStop Stash Jar and Grinder

Does Weed Go Bad?

Yes, weed can technically go bad. First, the THC levels degrade over time. This happens no matter how well you store your weed. Up to 4% of THC can degrade every month in storage, particularly if the weed is not properly stored. Theoretically, this means that your weed could lose up to 50% of its potency within one year of storage.

Therefore, proper storage, which means keeping the weed away from extreme temperatures, light, oxygen, and moisture, may slow down the degradation of THC so your weed stays as potent as possible for a longer period of time. If you notice that the same weed you bought a few months ago doesn’t get you nearly as high anymore, this is likely why.

Weed can also go bad in other ways. If exposed to high levels of moisture for a prolonged period of time, weed can get moldy. Mold and fungus spores can grow on your herb, effectively ruining it. You never want to smoke moldy cannabis.

Weed can also get far too dry, and when it gets too dry, not only does it lose its flavor and become harsh, but the active ingredients lose potency as well. This includes both cannabinoids as well as terpenes.

The key takeaway here is that exposure to extremely dry or wet conditions, UV light, extreme temperatures, and oxygen can all cause your weed to degrade. Mostly all of these factors cause the weed to lose its potency faster than it otherwise would, with moisture also taking a big toll on the quality of the herb.

How Can You Tell If Your Weed Has Gone Bad?

There are a few telltale signs that your weed has gone bad, so let’s take a quick look at what these might be.

Strawberry Stash Jar

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  •   If you see that your weed appears to have mold or fungus spores on it or any other kind of growth, it has gone bad.
  •   If you see that your cannabis appears to be discolored, particularly having a brown tint, then it has likely oxidized and lost a lot of its potency and flavor. It has likely become too dry.
  •   If your weed becomes far too dry, you may also notice it being very crumbly and sandy. When you go to pick it up, it might just turn into powder.
  •   If you go to smell the weed and you notice that it doesn’t have its original scent anymore, it’s likely gone bad. The smell may not be nearly as potent as it used to be or totally different altogether. If you notice a moldy or stale smell, your weed has likely gone bad.
  •   If you go to smoke your weed, and it tastes funny and makes you cough really bad, it has probably seen better days. Weed tends to get quite harsh when it gets old.
  •   If you smoke your weed, and it doesn’t really get you high anymore, then the THC has likely degraded significantly.

How to Store Your Weed

Now that you know that we can go bad and how to tell if it has gone bad, let’s take a quick look at some of the biggest tips you need to follow in terms of how to store your weed.

Avoid Hot and Cold Temperatures

You always need to avoid very hot and cold temperatures. Extreme heat by itself can cause THC to degrade quite rapidly, and heat also holds onto a lot of moisture. If there is a lot of warm and moist air, your weed is likely to get moldy.

Extreme cold should also be avoided. Many people like to freeze their weed, but this is technically not a good thing. Extreme cold can cause the weed to become quite hard and fragile, ultimately causing the trichomes to break off. If the trichomes break off, your weed effectively loses a lot of its THC content.

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Choose the Appropriate Humidity

You should also aim to keep the humidity level in your weed storage container anywhere between 55% and 65%. If your weed gets too dry, it will become crumbly, the THC will degrade, and the smoking experience will not be enjoyable anymore. However, if your weed gets too moist, it is likely to suffer from mold and fungus growth, in which case you won’t be able to smoke it at all anymore.

Using a two-way humidity control pack, like those made by Boveda, can ensure the humidity levels stay in the right range even if you’re in a humid or dry climate.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight is also not good for your cannabis. Direct sunlight consists of what are known as UV rays or ultraviolet rays. Due to the way the light spectrum works, these ultraviolet rays have the ability to degrade various natural substances, with THC being one of them. Sunlight quite literally kills THC, so you need to keep your weed away from it. This means keeping your weed in an opaque container that does not let light in.

Use a Container with Zero Air Flow

Oxygen is another one of these things that can cause THC to degrade fairly rapidly. The more oxygen your weed is exposed to, the faster the THC degrades. Oxygen can also allow mold and fungus to grow, which are best avoided. This is why many people choose to vacuum seal their weed, especially if they have large quantities that need to be stored for a long period of time.

Why it’s Important to Store Your Weed in a Quality Weed Container

To summarize, it’s important to store your weed in a quality container to stop it from going bad. Most important of all, a quality weed container along with a Boveda humidity pack will prevent the THC from degrading due to exposure to oxygen, light, extreme temperatures, and moisture. It will also keep the weed from going moldy or from going dry, and stale. Proper cannabis storage is the only way to ensure your stash stays top shelf.

Our Picks for Best Weed Jars

1. Fujima Dank Tank

The Fujima Dank Tank consists of six separate glass storage jars. They are made out of high-quality glass, so they should be fairly durable. They also won’t absorb any of those THC crystals. In terms of the design, each one has its own color and appears to have a strain printed on the side. Each jar would therefore seem to be intended for a very specific strain, although this doesn’t mean that you can’t put other types in them as well.

These jars come with a metal hinged lid with a secure sealing mechanism. This allows your herb to stay securely in place without the risk of falling out. Furthermore, this seal is also totally airproof and waterproof, so no air or moisture can get in, which also allows you to control the humidity level inside of the jars easily.

The Dank Tank Jars come in at 2.75 inches high, which is fairly sizable. This should allow you to fit anywhere between 5 and 10 grams of your favorite herbs, if not slightly more. It’s big enough to store a sizable quantity of herbs but small enough to remain somewhat portable. The only drawback here is that these jars are not totally opaque, so they may let a little bit of light in.

2. FashionCraft Strawberry Stash Jar

If you’re looking for something super fashionable, artsy, and appealing to the eye, this Strawberry Stash Jar from FashionCraft might be right for you. Yes, it looks like a big strawberry, so it’s quite the conversation starter.

The exterior even has a texture to make it more realistic. The jar itself is made out of ceramic, so it is decently durable, although we would not risk dropping it. The ceramic allows this stash jar to be airtight, waterproof, opaque, and it should not absorb any THC crystals either. On this front, it would appear to be the perfect storage container.

It even comes with a cork lid to make opening and closing it easy. This cork lid should also be airtight and waterproof, so it shouldn’t let any moisture or air in.

The container comes in dimensions of 3.75 x 3.75 x 3.25 inches. That is fairly sizable. Although it is portable if you put it in a backpack or carrying case, it’s probably too large to fit in a pocket. However, the upside here is that it can easily hold 1/2 ounce of your favorite herb, if not significantly more.

3. DankStop Mini Silicone Jar

These Mini Silicone Jars are technically designed for concentrates such as shatter and wax, although there is no reason you cannot use them to store some regular dry herbs. They are very small, so you won’t fit more than a couple of grams of your favorite herb on the inside, but the big upside to this is that these containers are very portable. You can easily fit them in your pocket, even multiples.

Being made out of silicone makes them very durable. They are very impact resistant. They also feature threaded lids, so you can rest assured that your herb will stay securely in place. These threaded lids also allow for a waterproof and airtight seal.

Moisture levels are easy to control inside the jar, and thanks to that lid, no moisture or air will get in. These jars are also totally opaque, so light cannot get in either. What’s cool is that the silicone material is also very slick, so your THC crystals don’t stick to it. We also happen to like the very low price that these jars come in at.

4. Blue Bus Fine Tools Bunker Stash Jar

The Bunker Stash Jar is made out of stainless steel, which we really like due to its durability. Stainless steel is one of the toughest materials out there, so it should last for years to come. This stainless steel jar comes with a threaded screw-on lid to ensure that your herb stays exactly where it is supposed to be.

Furthermore, this lid, as well as the materials here, allow the jar to be totally airtight and waterproof. It even comes with its own humidity pack, so you can control the humidity level on the interior. The material is also totally opaque, so it should not let any light in either.

What we really like, besides the cool-looking design, is that you can choose from three different colors, as well as three different sizes. There is a 160-milliliter, a 265-milliliter, and a 500-millimeter option to choose from. The smallest one should be able to fit at least an eighth of your favorite herb, with the largest one fitting a whole ounce, if not more.

5. Canada Puffin Jasper Storage Jar

The Jasper Storage Jar features a body that is made out of super high-quality borosilicate glass, otherwise known as scientific glass. This is the same material that high-quality bongs are made out of. It’s a nearly shatterproof material that is also totally airtight and waterproof.

The material here is not totally opaque, especially because there is a viewing window on the side, although the glass should keep the majority of light away from your herb. This unit also comes with a real wooden screw-on lid to help your herb stay where it should. Furthermore, the lid helps form an airtight and waterproof seal, so no moisture or oxygen can get to your cannabis.

This airtight seal should also help you control humidity levels inside the jar. The Jasper has a diameter of 2.9 inches and a height of 2.25 inches. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket yet still large enough to fit roughly 1/4 ounce of your favorite dried herb. We also like the special Canada Puffin logo engraved into the lid. It just looks nice.

6. DankStop Stash Jar and Grinder

Here we have what is most likely the most innovative product on our list today, a combination grinder and stash jar. What’s so neat about this unit is that there is a grinder located on the top, where you can put your favorite herbs. As you grind that sticky icky, the ground material falls down right into the stash jar.

The stash jar has a glass viewing window, so you can always see exactly how much is inside of it. The stash jar itself, as well as the majority of the components are made out of acrylic, or in other words, very high-quality plastic. It is food grade, so you don’t have to worry about any chemicals leaching into your herbs. The plastic is also durable enough to withstand some impacts.

The big issue here, however, is that this stash jar is not necessarily waterproof or airtight, and it’s not opaque, either. It would appear to be better for short-term storage, such as if you need to grind and store some weed for a day out on the town.

What is really convenient is that it even comes with a small one-hitter pipe located right in the base of it. This means that you can purchase some herb, grind it, keep it all stored in one simple location, and fill some into your one hitter pipe whenever you need a toke.

How We Chose Our List For The Best Weed Jars

Now that you know what the six best weed jars are, let’s take a closer look at how exactly we came to our decisions.


The best container for weed has to be made out of the right materials. As you can see, we did our best to provide you with a lot of variety. This is why we selected products made out of plastic, stainless steel, silicone, and glass. Each of these materials has its own specific advantages and disadvantages for you to consider.

Our main goal here was to choose a material that was very durable and impact resistant. We also did our best to only choose materials that would not let moisture, air, or light get to your herbs. Lightweight durability and protection from the elements are what we went for here.


Another main consideration here was the size. As you can see from above, we selected very small concentrated jars that can fit just a couple of grams of herb, as well as much larger containers that can potentially fit an ounce or more. We wanted to do our best to provide you with both large stash jars with great capacity as well as smaller units that were better for portability’s sake.

The Seal

One of the most important factors we considered here was the seal between the lid and the main body of the unit. The seal is very important because it helps keep out moisture and oxygen. Furthermore, having a good seal also allows you to control the humidity level on the interior easily. This is very important for keeping your herbs in the best possible shape for as long as possible.

Overall Quality

The overall quality of the unit in question also played a large role here. We read plenty of reviews on every product to make sure that we only choose the best of the best. We did our best to choose products that are durable, highly rated, and well-reviewed.

Design & Appearance

Although the appearance was not the first consideration on our list, it certainly does not hurt to have a product that looks the part.


While the cost is never our main concern, we always try to choose reasonably priced products. We want to provide you with the best possible options for the lowest possible prices. However, keep in mind that we never sacrifice quality. We would rather invest a little bit more in a quality product rather than get something cheap that will just break in a short amount of time.

Best Weed Jars – Final Thoughts

Now that you know what the best ways to store your weed are and why it is important to do so, as well as what the best weed storage containers out there are, your weed should stay in prime condition for much longer than it used to. Airtight and smellproof jars and high-end stash boxes are excellent tools to deploy when seeking long term storage. But the bottom line is, the best jars to store weed don’t let air, light, or moisture in.

Hearst Newspapers participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may earn a commission when you purchase products featured in this content or purchase from vendors featured here. Our professional curators independently research and recommend products and services, with no newsroom involvement. Merchants can pay for a sponsored listing and may choose to rewrite their summary. When that happens, we label the listing as “Sponsored” and highlight it in grey to differentiate the merchant-provided content from our writing.