Fast Five Q&A: Jackie Cahan, Managing Partner and CFO of 240L Holdings

fast five q&a jackie cahan

Cannabis is constantly evolving, with product offerings and consumer preferences taking twists and turns at every angle. As the market moves forward, innovation changes the game.

Jackie Cahan is a woman in cannabis at the cutting-edge. As a finance and technology expert, she lends her knowledge to the market via 240 Logistics, a firm dedicated to streamlining the supply chain. Deeply passionate about equity in the space, Cahan is also helping to develop a resource guide that showcases diverse, equitable, and inclusive cannabis brands, most of which are led by women.

Cahan answered GreenState’s Fast Five questions, sharing how her relationship with the plant shifted during COVID, the ways in which technology can help consumers, and the inspiration behind her forthcoming brand book.

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GreenState: How did your journey with cannabis begin?

Jackie Cahan: My cannabis journey began many years ago via the legacy market when I bought gummies, chocolates, or even butter to make my own goods as a cannabis-curious woman.

It wasn’t until the pandemic hit that my relationship with cannabis would become much more formalized. Cannabis became recreationally legal in my home state of Illinois in 2020, and after a year of isolation and far too much alcohol to cope with the tragedy at hand, I made the conscious decision to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I made the decision to quit drinking and redirected my curiosity towards conducting formal research on the potential of the cannabis plant.

GS: What is your favorite way to consume?

JC: I have a few ways I like to consume cannabis. Currently, I find the most medicinal benefits from smoking, but I also love using fast-acting gummies that my partners have developed using a proprietary technology. While I can’t unveil all the details just yet on these gummies, I can assure you that this technology provides consumers with a rapid-acting, consistent, and refined experience that’s pure, healing, and predictable each time – and I am honored to be a part of this venture. It truly sets itself apart from other available products and technologies.

I also have a strong preference for cannabis beverages in social settings because they offer a controlled, active delivery of cannabis that allows me to be sociable and feel like myself, unlike the loss of control often associated with alcohol.

GS: How can technology enhance the consumer experience?

JC: My partners and I currently have and are developing a product with proprietary technology that will enhance the delivery mechanism of the edible form of cannabis to deliver more of the healing properties of the plant.

I believe technologies such as this can offer opportunities for both regular consumers and those curious about exploring cannabis but unsure of where to begin. With a product that delivers a consistent and predictable healing outcome, you can enjoy all the benefits without worrying about taking too much or too little, or what the effects might be.

GS: There’s been a lot of talk lately about cannabis finance, especially with the rescheduling debate brewing. What are some things consumers may not realize about this sector?

JC: Consumers continue to grapple with the nuances of cannabis consumption, and women, in particular, have not yet fully embraced the market due to a lack of readily available product labeling. To empower women in this space, it is crucial to provide them with the right education about the extensive array of cannabinoids found in the plant, numbering over 100 at the last assessment, and explain how these compounds interact uniquely with their bodies.

What some might not understand about the finance sector in cannabis is that financial influence within the cannabis sector is undeniably robust. I believe that rescheduling the plant will foster greater access to capital. However, the research of the plant will be the standing legacy of the rescheduling process. The more we dive deeper and understand its research, the more we’ll know and understand the cannabis finance sector.

GS: You’re creating a brand book with your partners at ECO240 that highlights diverse and equitable cannabis brands. What inspired this, and when will it be released?

JC: ECO240 is a partnership built on a deep understanding of the legacy market and the stigma surrounding the plant. The partnership is approaching the market deliberately and methodically using data and insights to support a portfolio of diverse and technologically advanced brands and products, many of which will be women-led. 

ECO240 will offer a full range of services to help budding entrepreneurs, from ideation through the supply chain, manufacturing, brand consulting, sales, and last-mile distribution to retailers. Over the next year, ECO240 is expected to significantly impact several women-owned cannabis businesses by providing them with the essential resources, equity, and support needed to thrive in a competitive and emerging industry.

The brand book will truly inspire the market with a thoughtful, measured, and unique approach to the industry, and it is truly something the industry has never seen before.

Jackie Cahan is a highly accomplished corporate finance executive with expertise in accounting, finance, and entrepreneurship. Currently serving as the Managing Partner and Chief Financial Officer at 240L Holdings. She is deeply committed to advancing the cannabis industry, with a particular focus on women, health, wellness, and social equity. Jackie’s interest in the cannabis field stems from her dedication to reshaping the perception surrounding cannabis and fostering the growth of legitimate businesses in a legal and thriving environment. 

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