Americans reveal surprising opinions on growing pot at home

growing pot

With so many states legalizing cannabis and whispers of federal reform getting louder by the day, it’s no surprise that the vast majority of Americans support legal pot. But how do people feel about growing the plant at home?

According to new data from Harris Poll and Royal Queen Seeds, most folks give home grow the thumbs up. The survey of 2000 adults ages 21 and over found that 59 percent of people believe Americans should have the legal right to grow weed at home. It’s a significant number since many states that have legalized adult-use cannabis still forbid growing it at home.

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Not surprisingly, support for home grow was even higher among cannabis consumers. Approximately 81 percent of pot smokers feel that growing at home should be permitted across the country. Around 62 percent of consumers said they would prefer to grow their own than buy it at a dispensary.

Approximately one-quarter of the cannabis consumers polled said they have grown at home. Around one in five expressed a desire to give it a shot. A lack of space and knowledge around cannabis cultivation were among the reasons for refraining.

Of the cannabis consumers who have grown at home, around half said doing so gives them a sense of confidence, a sense of joy, and a connection with the Earth. Over half reported playing music for their plants and more than a third believed home grown is higher quality than what’s available in dispensaries.

“The data shows what Royal Queen Seeds has known for decades—growing cannabis at home is about more than just the final product. It allows people to connect with nature and it is just plain fun,” Shai Ramsahai, president of Royal Queen Seeds, told GreenState.

Opponents of home grow argue it emboldens the illicit market, which may explain why the practice has less affirmative support than straight legalization. But given that the majority of Americans agree that growing at home should be legal, advocates hope legislators will take note as new markets come online.


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