Reggae band Iration drops new cannabis line for Cali Vibes Fest

iration cannabis collab

Cover photo is by Chris Colcalasure 

Music and weed go hand in hand, and we’re not just talking about smoking herb and listening to tunes. There are also musician-owned cannabis brands and collabs singing in the space. The latest drops in Southern California this weekend from Iration cannabis collab with Autumn Brands, just in time for Cali Vibes Fest.

“This collaboration really feels full circle to me after growing up listening to their music, attending concerts at the Santa Barbara Bowl, and now being able to show them our facility, help them pick their favorite strains, and really collaborate on a product that us and the Iration team feel proud of has been amazing,” Autumn Brands co-founder Hanna Brand shared with GreenState.

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Roots, rock, reggae, and weed, too

Reggae pop band Iration hand-selected three Autumn Brands’ strains in the latest California cannabis collaboration. The band hand selected strains which have been given a new name based on the vibe.

Governmint Oasis for the heavier option, calling it Summer Nights. In the middle is Lemon Time Bomb Strain, a strain called Frozen Lemons, and for the uplifting option Daytrippin’, which is Moroccan Peaches.

Iration took time to work their way through genetics before landing on these flavors. Bassist Adam Taylor explained more about the process to GreenState.

“We tried so many strains to narrow down these three, but what made them stand above the rest were based on a few things: the appearance of the cannabis, the nose or aroma, the flavor, and lastly, the feeling. We felt these qualities were the most superior of anything else we had tried,” Taylor said.

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The alt group has always been intertwined with cannabis culture, they’ve been open about their cannabis consumption for over a decade. As known lovers of pot who started everything in California, it’s a wonder it took this long for them to drop a weed strain. At the end of the day, both sides of the collaboration were waiting for the right partner to come along.

Iration cannabis collab: a match made in heaven

Iration wanted to find a brand that centers sustainability and quality. They found it in greenhouse-grown Autumn Brands which is a full-circle sustainable, 100 percent pesticide-spray free, woman and family-owned.

“This is a totally new experience for both Iration and the Autumn Brands team, and I think it has really shown how similar we are as people and our missions to put out quality products that consumers can rely on,” Brand expressed. “I’m excited to see what this next chapter brings and all of the fun events and meet and greets we will be able to do together.”

Taylor and brand agree, the partnership is kismet.

“The deciding factor for us was collaborating with a brand that shared our ethos and put the same love and care into their products as we do with our music,” Taylor concluded.

Iration x Autumn Brands strains are launching at Catalyst in Long Beach, Calif., on February 16 for Cali Vibes Fest this weekend. Daytrippin’, Lemon Time Bomb Strain, or Summer Nights, they’ll make each note sing. Between these three options, there’s something for everyone.

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