Alabama named peach its universal cannabis gummy flavor to “protect the kids”

Alabama cannabis gummies: gummy candy flat lay

All gummies and lozenges available in Alabama medical cannabis dispensaries will be peach-flavored according to new rules from the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC). The Commission recently awarded licenses to 21 of 90 applicants and released regulatory guidelines.

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These licenses allow cultivation, processing, transportation, dispensary operations, and testing labs. While regulators are similar to legalization in surrounding states, Alabama has one unique stipulation for edible manufacturers: all gummies must be peach-flavored.

Alabama cannabis gummies: peaches and lilies flat lay

In hopes of deterring children from getting into their parent’s “gelatinous cubes” (aka gummies) and lozenges, the law dictates that the morsels must all be cube-shaped. It further defines that “cubes,” “rectangular cuboids,” or having a “rectangular cuboid shape” is acceptable.

Members of the AMCC were also concerned that flavoring and sugars would attract children. The law specifically states that any gelatinous cubes remain non-sugar coated, but the Commission also considered what flavors would attract kids as they finalized licensee rules and regulations.

Governor Kay Ivey signed the Medical Cannabis Act 2021-450 (formerly SB46) into law in 2021. The law sparked the formation of the AMCC to establish a medical cannabis operations structure in the state.

Under Act 2021-450, patients with approved qualifying conditions can access medical cannabis products– but smoking and most infusions are not permitted. Alabama dispensaries will offer topical lotions and salves, gelatinous bites, lozenges, transdermal patches, suppositories, nebulizers, and liquid or oil administered by an inhaler. Cured flower and any inhalable combustibles will not be permitted.

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Chapter 6 of AMCC Regulations declares peach the universal flavor for “gelatinous cuboids and lozenges”– leaving many wondering why.

Alabama Reporter editor Bryan Lyman traced the decision to a lengthy debate on the Senator floor before finalizing the bill, reported. Senators argued that children like sweet, fruity flavors–leading some on the Senate floor to request that gummies and lozenges be flavorless.

Lyman shared that state Senator Tim Melson voiced that flavorless edibles wouldn’t be palatable, so Senators compromised on one universal flavor. And for some reason, the AMCC decided on peach.

Whether a nod to Clanton County, an Alabama locale famous for its peaches, or the flavor was decided based on a comment on the Senate floor that day, the verdict is in: all weed gummies in Alabama will now taste like peach. It is up for debate if the flavor choice will deter children.

Alabama medical cannabis products should be available by 2024, with projections as early as Fall 2023. After a few years of waiting, Alabama patients are peachy about having access to regulated cannabis products soon.

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