Winter green: majority of Americans adding pot to holiday plans

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Bottles of wine and expensive liquor have been popular gifts for generations, but more Americans than ever are swapping out the booze for bud this holiday season.

According to a new poll, around one in four adults plan to give cannabis as a present this year. A whopping 63 percent of Americans are incorporating the plant into their holiday plans.

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As it turns out, weed is on many a wish list. One in three people who plan to use or gift the plant said that cannabis is a better holiday gift than alcohol. The sentiment aligns with the growing “California sober” movement, where adults give up beer and bubbly but continue to consume marijuana.

The survey was presented by Oak PR and conducted by Wired Research, who polled 951 Americans over the age of 21 about their green gifting intentions. Oak PR represents a number of cannabis clients, including Custom Cones USA and Grön edibles.

“The results of the survey are both eye-opening and somewhat expected when you consider the growth of legal cannabis in the U.S. and people are always looking for new and interesting gift options,” said Drew Tybus, CEO of Oak PR, in a press release. 

Not surprisingly, young people are more likely to add a touch of green to the season. Nearly 78 percent of Gen Z and Millennial respondents said they planned to include cannabis in their holiday plans versus 56 percent of Gen X and Boomers. One interesting anecdote? People with kids are far more likely to put the plant in their winter celebration plans versus their childless peers (74 percent versus 58 percent).

“We see the most interesting trend being the correlation between younger Americans (Gen Z and Millennials) – many of whom are now parents themselves – considering cannabis their preferred choice over alcohol this holiday season,” Tybus continued. “Being a parent during the holidays can be extra stressful, and cannabis can be an excellent option when it comes to relaxing.”

As more states legalize cannabis and stigma around the plant erodes, plant-based gifting is only going to increase. However, it’s important that consumers check their local laws around the sharing of green goods—some states limit the amount of weed adults can give to one another. So make your list, check it (and the rules) twice, and enjoy some high holiday vibes this year.


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