Weed and wellness: events and meetups for healthy stoners

weed and wellness

People consume cannabis for fun or in rituals, but many also consider it a wellness tool. As legalization takes hold in the U.S., weed wellness events have followed. Massage therapists are harnessing the power of topicals, and yoga instructors are learning how to teach cannabis classes–the wellness and weed worlds have a lot of overlap.

Dee Dussault, founder of prolific platform Ganja Yoga, knows a bit about cannabis wellness routines from her work and her daily life.

“I practice cannabis-enhanced stretching, meditating, foam rolling, walking, nature-gazing, and sex, — all regularly,” Dussault shared with GreenState. “Cannabis, at the right dose, strain, and consumption method, can aid all aspects of our lives, especially when we bring awareness and intention to the consumption experience and the high itself.”

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As Dussault shared, there are lots of ways to enjoy cannabis in the wellness sphere, whether the state has legal weed or not. From CBD massage to sound baths, here’s the rundown of some of the weed wellness events, meetings, and offerings in the U.S.

Cannabis yoga

Much like massage, a regular yoga practice may positively impact a person’s health. Also, with the right practitioner, throwing cannabis in the mix may enhance the experience.

Ganja Yoga was the first yoga class openly advertising cannabis consumption.

“The way the plant enhanced the physical, spiritual, and trauma-releasing aspects of yoga practice were amazing,” Dussault explained. “I had to see if the rest of the world agreed, so I did some research, learned about the Hindu Lord Shiva (who rules both cannabis and yoga), and offered my first class. Not a single person came! But I persisted and this year we celebrate Ganja Yoga’s fifteenth year!”

Now, the classes have grown into a home practice video platform and teacher training, expanding access to cannabis yoga. Those interested can also book a private session with Dee, who has noticed that men have benefited most from including the plant in the practice.

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Eliza Maroney also hosts Bend & Blaze in San Francisco once a week, a vinyasa class with restorative elements set to a set of eclectic beats. After class, Maroney leads a sound meditation. Cannabis consumption is allowed at any time. Guests either bring their own or order delivery on-site.

Another offering comes from Ganjasana, founded by Rachael Ma Carlevale, who has talked about cannabis and yoga since 2013. These classes are available in private settings or at events like the recent Tucson favorite Gem & Jam.

A new in-person infused yoga class is hitting Orlando, Florida at the end of February. YogaHigh recently listed three classes at outdoor venue The Acre, where medical cannabis card holders can enjoy community in cannabis. Those with valid cards can order from the event sponsor Cookies, and their medicine will be ready for pickup at The Acre. Consumption is alright, but patients won’t be permitted to share their meds–so puff, don’t pass.

CBD Massage

Massage can improve circulation and flexibility, relieve anxiety and headaches, and more. Benefits aside, it just feels good to get a massage. The DIY crowd can practice self-massage with various cannabis topicals available at dispensaries or online. But those who prefer a spa experience can explore the massage therapists in many states who have enhanced their offerings to include CBD.

Ohio massage studio Knot Yourself offers CBD massage using their Herbal Green Lotion. In Wisconsin, Lula Mae Spa brings CBD into the bodywork with a 90-minute Relaxation Massage and an 80-minute Therapeutic Massage. They also offer cannabinoid-infused cupping. The list goes on and on, from Zama Massage Therapeutic Spa in Portland, Ore., down the coast, to Lemon & Honey in Orange County, Calif. CBD massages are a hit.

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Weed and wellness CBD Massage is also offered by:

Weed hikes

Taking a weed hike is as simple as consuming cannabis and finding a trailhead, but some seek community on the road. For the camp looking for a group, 420-friendly hiking groups and meetups are the ticket.

The only problem is that many searchable cannabis hiking event hosts are no longer active. However, a search in social media groups in a specific area might come up with something, like the private Facebook group Fat Stoner Babes Hiking Club. There is also the Hikerodose community in the Bay Area, which is more mushroom-focused but still 420-friendly. The high hiking community is out there, but it appears the meeting place is yet to be determined.

High meditation

Guided meditation can be enveloping and stimulating. The right cannabis products may help induce a meditative state, but guidance is recommended. That is where professionals come in, like those at the Psychedelic Sitters School in Boulder, Colo.

The center hosts regular Conscious Cannabis Circles that promise to help those in attendance access the psychedelic power of the plant. Guided meditation and music are paired with potent pot to induce a psychedelic state in the four-hour event that is also available virtually.

Those who want to experiment with cannabis meditation at home might consider buying their favorite relaxing indica strain or mellow gummy and stream a guided meditation. It’s that simple.

Cannabis Sound Bath

A sound bath is generally experienced while lying on a yoga mat, comforted by bolsters and pillows. This comfort helps people drop into the frequencies of the gongs and singing bowls. Consuming cannabis before the event may be another way to facilitate an altered state.

Those in Los Angeles can swing by Saturday Serenity Cannabis Sound Bath starting in the Studio Lounge at The Artist Tree. The guided sound bath, an auditory experience, is designed to cleanse energy and evoke relaxation.

Weed and wellness events and offerings

Going to a yoga class, meditation group, or on a hike with a viewpoint can leave people feeling euphoric–adding weed might make it one step better. While it’s always possible to light up and practice yoga at home or have a cannabis drink and meditate, some seek community. These events, meetups, and offerings connect people with two common interests: wellness and weed. And best of all, it facilitates people with like interests sharing space and smoke.

Cara Wietstock is senior content producer of GreenState.com and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.