Sacramento Tree Harvest Festival hopes to replicate Outside Lands’ pot party

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As the legal cannabis market continues to stabilize, California is outpacing the innovation in creating memorable recreational experiences for its cannabis users.

The most obvious example is the addition of a legal cannabis consumption area included in this year’s Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco. The popular Grass Lands area treated cannabis connoisseurs to an impressive collection of vendors selling copious amounts of flower, concentrates, and edibles.

Some would argue that the market dictates the formation of these new experiences. Most cannabis brands and retailers realize that the typical California cannabis user enjoy the outdoors, and want to experience cannabis with their friends while engaging in fun activities.

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“California cannabis users voted ‘yes’ for social cannabis experiences,” said Haider Rafique, an Angel investor and growth advisor for “Just take the example of this year’s Outside Lands. Weed was a highlight, with low trash, no fights, happy customers augmenting their live music experience.”

Most recently,, a popular upcoming cannabis delivery service, has started to take notice and bringing partnerships with other operators to bring consumer retail and experiences together.

“It is critical for cannabis companies specially operating in California to understand this – we have an opportunity to create recreational experiences rather than just recreational use,” added Rafique.

Sacramento’s upcoming event, the Tree Harvest Festival, is a perfect example of such an augmented experience, as this function hopes to build the atmosphere of a county fair dedicated to cannabis.

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John Javidan, who runs Johny 5 productions, is the founder and organizer of this buzzworthy event.

“First and foremost, our event is to celebrate cannabis. A place where like minded people can gather and smoke together,’ said Javidan. “We’ve provided a few things that we think are funnier while high such as  music, comedy, a petting zoo, a Ferris wheel, and a bunch of art. We also have cooking demos and speakers so there is a large educational aspect.”

John and his team are expecting a huge turn out, as veterans and active military are granted free admission with a valid ID.

The 2019 Tree Harvest Festival is scheduled for August 24-25 at the Cal Expo. Tickets are available online.