Curated weed shows to watch this weekend

curated weed shows

After a long week, it can be freeing to roll up some premium ganja, sit back, and put on a new show. This is a fantastic way to unwind, provided you already know what to watch. If the task of picking something new to stream in a world of apps and endless shows, the joint might burn down to the filter before there’s entertainment to be viewed. That’s where we come in.

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It’s not always appropriate to get high while watching something weed-themed, but that doesn’t mean you should never do it. There are quality shows about cannabis out there, but there are also horrible ones. To be honest, there’s good and bad among these curated weed shows. However, even the categorically bad shows have a time and a place for a good binge.

The Gentlemen

Watch on: Netflix

Though reviews are saying this newer show may be over-the-top, verging on cheesy, it’s also receiving praise as a witty, stylish, new series. The Gentlemen is a spinoff of a movie by the same name, both created by Guy Ritchie. It follows an aristocrat in the 1990s as he realizes his inheritance includes a cannabis empire. Fans are already thirsty for season two, which is a good indicator it’s worth a watch.

High Hopes

Watch on: Hulu

This reality television series centers on a Los Angeles dispensary crew from the owners to the security. It is a very real look at what it is to work in weed as formerly illicit market shareholders claim their stake in the regulated market–if you can see past the overproduced silly storylines.

Is it prestige television? No. Does it give cannabis outsiders a look into a somewhat realistic caricature of what it means to work in cannabis retail? Unfortunately, yes.

Nora from Queens

Watch on: Max

Awkwafina (Crazy Rich Asians, Quiz Lady) plays Nora in this fictional comedy series as an almost 30-year-old stoner realizes living at home with her dad and grandma might not be cool at her age. Over three seasons, viewers grow alongside Nora and the lovable cast of characters in this heartwarming and absolutely out-of-pocket show co-starring icons like B.D. Wong (Law and Order: SVU, Jurassic World), Bowen Yang (Fire Island), and Lori Tan Chinn (Orange is the New Black). 

Chopped 420

Watch on: Apple TV, Prime

While Chopped 420 isn’t new, it is still a gem. Host Ron Funches (Loot, Trolls) is a hilarious and endearing character who guides viewers through a competition cooking show starring weed as the main ingredient. Watch along as the rising stars in weed cuisine duke it out to see who understands how to best infuse food.

Family Business

Watch on: Netflix

A bickering father-son duo decides to take on legal weed in this French comedy. Get ready for subtitles and laughs as the Hazan family races to turn their butcher shop into a cannabis cafe. The concept has been described as fresh, and it’s an easy watch. For those who love international television and a relaxing comedy, this is the marijuana show to stream.

High Maintenance

Watch on: Max, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime

This four-season series ended in 2020, but the human relationships and interactions still ring as fresh as they did when the show debuted. High Maintenance follows a bicycle messenger slash weed dealer through the high rises and walkups of New York City as he serves his diverse clientele.

Every episode delivers a fresh perspective as he drops the bag and tries to bounce. Though most times, The Guy (he remains nameless throughout) ends up drawn into wild escapades. Episodes range from five to 20 minutes long, making it a quick foray for those who don’t have time for a feature film.

Trailer Park Boys universe

Watch on: Netflix, Apple TV

Canadian mockumentaries have been a stoner mainstay since the introduction of FUBAR, but the film was released one year after Trailer Park Boys, cementing a legacy that made way for hit shows like Letterkenny. Trailer Park Boys began airing in 2001 and ended in 2017, so there’s lots to watch for the newcomer. Those who have already binged the series four times over can dive into the animated series, which aired from 2019-2020.

The Boys don’t only love weed, it’s often at the center of their many hi-jinx from growing dope to a driveway made of hash. Tun and see if you can keep up with the lingo and the lore, which are produced rapidly as the jokes snowball season after season.

Grass is Greener

Watch on: Netflix

Those seeking an educational viewing experience should look no further than Grass is Greener, a documentary about the war on drugs, racial inequity, and how musical influences permeated these injustices. Listen to experts on the drug war, cannabis, hip-hop, jazz, and more speak on the developing industry and the sordid past of cannabis and the law. Tune in and get wise to the truth behind the “Green Rush.”

Curated weed shows for the connoisseur

Some people like to get stoned and hike, and others utilize cannabis medicinally, there is also a crowd that enjoys toking up and streaming a great show. This list is for the latter, happy streaming.

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