Dope gifts for Dad: Cannabis and CBD products perfect for Father’s Day


When it comes to Father’s Day, the gift options seem endless. There are literally thousands of ties, socks, and wallets available for purchase online. But when you stop and think about what Dad really wants, is another tie the answer?

The cannabis market is growing, and a lot of that growth comes from people over the age of 50. Baby boomers make up a large part of the cannabis market in the US, and according to a report by Forbes, they’re even finding employment opportunities in it. Perhaps the time has come to step outside of the box and get a Father’s Day gift that’s truly unique.

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If your dad likes cannabis or you have always wanted to introduce him to cannabis products, then this guide is for you. Check out some of our favorite gift ideas for this Father’s Day:

1. High tea

4:20 seems like a great time for tea, doesn’t it? Why not get Dad some cannabis tea (or coffee) this year?

Get some premium bud, a cool mug, a teaspoon, and a tea strainer. Package it beautifully and you have the perfect gift for the dad who wants to experiment but isn’t eager to smoke.

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2. Gift/subscription boxes

There is a huge selection of cannabis gift and subscription boxes available online. They vary in price and content, with some of the simplest ones being a monthly selection of rolling papers from your favorite dispensary. Pre-rolls, bud, pipes, ashtrays, and grinders are some of the goodies Dad can expect to receive from cannabis gift boxes.

The options are endless, though, so do some browsing online before you settle.

3. Smell-proof pouches (for Dad’s stash)

With these nifty pouches, Dad will no longer need to worry about the fresh smell of grass leaking out of his pocket. These bags are made with an activated charcoal technology that will keep all smells and freshness inside. The entire family will thank you for this one.

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4. High-quality chocolates

Few things trump a homemade gift.  If you’re feeling creative, you could consider filling a chocolate box with edibles. Think weed-infused chocolate truffles, gummies, and macarons. Get creative and make it as decadent or as playful as you’d like.

Cannabis chocolates are easy to make. For inspiration, check out this cannabis chocolate recipe. Or, if you’re in a pinch, you can always purchase edibles at your local dispensary or online.

5. CBD beard oil

Whether your dad likes cannabis or not, this gift is bound to make him laugh. And it might give his beard a glow-up, too.

CBD beard oil is made with CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabis compound, as its base. It’s reported to help prevent and treat acne under beards and minimize ingrown hairs, among other benefits.

Plus, if your dad isn’t quite on board with cannabis, CBD is a great way to introduce it to him. Taken as a tincture, CBD has been known to ease anxiety and alleviate pain for many users, so it might be a useful supplement to put on Dad’s radar.


We hope this article has given you some ideas for cannabis products and accessories that Dad will love. From all of us at GreenState, Happy Father’s Day!

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